RHAP Flashback: Jonathan Penner from Dec 1, 2011

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One year ago this weekend, I talked with Jonathan Penner about his thoughts during Survivor South Pacific. I haven’t ever done this before to pull an old show from the archives, but I think this is an interesting conversation for a number of reasons. First off, it’s a great reminder of how unpredictable the Survivor universe is that a year ago I don’t believe that Penner or I knew that he’d be playing the game again so soon. Plus, it’s some great insight into Jonathan’s thought process going into the current season. Also, it’s a show that had a bit of an eye on the future on what may still be to come in terms of players returning to the game from Survivor South Pacific. It’s for these reasons, I feel like this a podcast with feet in the past, present and future and an interesting listen a year after it was recorded. I hope you feel the same way, enjoy.


If you want to see the original post and read comments from when this episode originally was released click here: Jonathan Penner on Cochran’s Mutiny and Ozzy 3.0

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