Evolution of Strategy: Chapter 17 Feedback | Survivor: Gabon

This page is designed for all of your feedback from Chapter 17 of The Evolution of Strategy covering Survivor: Gabon.

Feel free to weigh in on what you think Josh and I got right or wrong, your thoughts on the points we brought up and anything else you think is relevant to our discussion of Survivor: Gabon in the Evolution of Strategy.

For future use you can comment on any of our chapters with the following links: (for the Borneo chapter) (for Survivor: The Australian Outback) (for Survivor: Africa) (for Survivor: Marquesas) (for Survivor: Thailand) (for Survivor: The Amazon) (for Survivor: Pearl Islands) (for Survivor: All-Stars) (for Survivor: Vanuatu) (for Survivor: Palau) (for Survivor: Guatemala) (for Survivor: Panama) (for Survivor: Cook Islands) (for Survivor: Fiji) (for Survivor: China) (for Survivor: Micronesia) (for Survivor: Gabon)

We’ll use the same naming convention for all 30 chapters of The Evolution of Strategy.

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