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Even With Scandal, We Still Have Gameplay on Big Brother 15

So we’re back, for Episode 2. I wonder who’s going to get murdered during this episode. My money is on Amanda—Oh, sh*t, wrong show. Okay, here we are again for Big Brother. So, according to people who watch the livefeeds 24/7—and an open letter from current houseguest Andy—I mean, former houseguest Regan—these houseguests have been talking like extras from Leonardo Dicaprio’s plantation party scene in DJango Unchained. This is not making this cast the most likable in Big Brother history. I wonder if Julie Chen has Big Jeff, Jordan, and Ian on standby in case the diversity training workshop that they’re going to have to do with this cast doesn’t work.

Anyway back to the gameplay that we’re seeing unfold:

Each season of Big Brother obviously takes on a life of its own. If you’re a player, so much depends on the cast. You could be a combo of Dr. Will and Big Jeff, but if the houseguests are not the right mix , you can be in trouble and be done quickly. Right now, the alpha players for this season seem to be Amanda, Spencer, and Nick.

e2-amanda Co-HOH?[/caption]
  • Amanda, based on the live feeds,  has made McCrae’s HOH room her command  center to hold court and give her commands out.  Also, she is leading the always annoying talking point, which are something along the lines of, “I want  people here who know the game and play the game the right way.” As she does this, she cites the past best Big Brother players. This is okay on some level, but it’s annoying the way she does it. She talks about the former players like their the original framers of the Constitution and the game HAS to be played the way those players played it. But at least she is playing the game, as the other, younger female houseguests are setting the women’s movement back thirty years. They’re spending all of their time giving nicknames to the “cute” male houseguests. They are more focused on ripping each other apart instead of playing this game smart and controlled.  Meanwhile, Amanda plays cunning and hard. If the other houseguests pick up on this, it could lead to Amanda having a date with the gallows sooner rather than later. Amanda needs to take smaller steps and align herself with the stronger social players. This could save her down the road because of their ability to get other people on her side.
  • Nick forms the “Moving Company” with Jeremy, McCrae, Spencer, and Howard. I would have gone with “Herman’s Head” as my alliance name, but “Moving Company” will do. Nick has a plan and is good at weaving in and out of the different subgroups. If kept hidden, the Moving Company could form a deadly alliance. Each member has a different houseguest that he’s close with and potentially could control to keep the Moving Company safe. It will be interesting to see how this unfolds next week and whether the Company gets challenged in any way next week during nominations.
  • Spencer’s playing the game with the vigor of a serial killer mixed with Dustin Hoffmans’ Rain Man. He has made hand signals with Nick and controls weaker players. Clearly, he is passionate about the game and wants to be here.  He is not targeted on anyone’s radar, but it’s still early. We’ll see how long he can keep up his covert ways.

Smart but weak HOH?

  • McCrae is smarter then he appeared in the first episode. Yet, he played his HOH pretty weak, taking a survey for whom he should nominate and not having a strong plan of whom he should target for his own game. Still, his hosting abilities in the  Have/Have Not competition was impressive. If CBS executives were watching, I think they just found their host for the Card Sharks reboot coming in 2021.
  • Andy is in a solid position. He’s not being targeted and he’s blending in with the power of the house. “Floater” is a dirty word this season, but Andy seems like a rich man’s floater. Clearly he is smart and has a strong social game. He understands the sociology here and will make a move when he feels the time is right.
  • Elissa has been the group outcast. She is the main target because she happens to be related to a former player (Rachel) because obviously she is not a target for her strength in comps or her social game, at least not yet. This could work out for her. She may be a perennial pawn. Also, CBS could pull the “No way in hell are we letting her leave that house for at least six weeks” move. She will be best served hanging back in the shadows trying not to make waves. Just like her sister … right guys? (Awkward stare from every reader of this blog…)
  • Jessie and Candice being nominated was pretty weak. Jesse treats her nomination like she got snubbed for prom court. Jessie rubs the other girls the wrong way, which in this game is just death. If you’re a girl on this show and the other girls don’t like you, you’re screwed. O.J. Simpson could perform just fine in the house, but if there is a girl whom the other girls don’t like, she’s going up. Candice is in the same boat, as she was blamed for her team losing the Have/Have Not comp, even though it appeared that Howard was on mushrooms during the comp and lost it for the team.
  • HelenZzzzzzzzzzzzz. … And that’s all I have to say about that (Forrest Gump voice).


  • Judd: Is intelligent and a good social player, only it seems like his accent is holding him back with the other players. The houseguests are treating him like he’s Ernest going to camp. He is on the outside looking in and I feel will be a future target or pawn in the next couple of weeks.

We will close on a high note. Literally. David thinks he’s on Temptation Island and has no idea what is going on at any point of the day. He’s on autopilot. He will go home soon unless somebody hides his stash and gives him a pep talk: “Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose!” Something tells me he wasn’t cast because of his passion for the game. I mean, how in the hell do you “know the water by heart”? Seriously!

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