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Matthew Berry Talks Big Brother 15 & His ‘Fantasy Life’

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Matthew Berry is known to millions of sports fans as the authority on all things Fantasy. As the senior Fantasy analyst at ESPN he is one of the world’s top voices in Fantasy but he secretly has a love for Big Brother. Rob Cesternino speaks to Matthew about his new book “Fantasy Life” and his thoughts on Big Brother 15.

Fantasy Life

Matthew’s new book will drop on Tuesday (July 16) but is available for pre-order all week.  In the book, Matthew chronicles the fun and unique relationships that many sports fans have to their leaguemates and to the game itself.  Matthew describes one league in which the losing members get tattoos chosen by the winner of the league.  You can see the tattoos in the video below:

Big Brother 15

Rob discusses last night’s wild episode of Big Brother 15 with Matthew.  Matthew says that he is actually a big fan of Elissa and does not like Jeremy, Aaryn and company.  Specifically, Matthew is really bothered by the horrible racial comments that are being said by some of the players.  Aaryn in particular is the player that Matthew is most horrified by.   Matthew says that he feels bad for Elissa that everybody picks on her and is glad that she’s getting the MVP.  However, Matthew is not a big fan of the actual MVP twist though he typically likes the twists that Big Brother has done in the past.

Rob asks Matthew if he was drafting a team for Big Brother success this season, who would be the number one pick.  Matthew says that he likes the game that Howard is playing and would take him first in a BB15 fantasy draft.  He also would take a sleeper like Judd with his second pick because he thinks that those are the players who do well.

Rob and Matthew play a “name game” and Rob asks Matthew to pick between Helen and Andy for whom is going to go further.  Rob and Matthew also discuss whom will go further between Jeremy and Aaryn in the game.

Rob asks Matthew how important is it to be likable in a Fantasy league in the context of how Jeremy has been a real jerk to the other players in the house.  Matthew doesn’t think it’s that important but its one of Rob’s favorite things about playing playing Fantasy Football.

Turning to the upcoming Fantast Football season, Rob wants to know about this year’s big trend – waiting to take a Quarterback.  If everybody is waiting, Rob wonders if the shark move is to not wait for a quarterback, but Matthew says that there comes a time to take advantage of value and players should stick to their guns.

Finally, Rob talks with Matthew about some of his most and least favorite Big Brother players of all time.

(NOTE FROM ROB:  After the interview was recorded, I obviously wiffed that Big Jeff has the most twitter followers of any Big Brother player with over 150,000… though he is still not verified)

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