We’re #3: Rob, Erinn Forecast the Survivor Final 3

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Rob Cesternino is flying solo today and is joined by Erinn Lobdell from Survivor Tocantins. On this episode, Rob and Erinn will discuss:

– What does Erinn Lobdell think of having a final 2 vs. a final 3? How will this one aspect of the game so greatly decide if Boston Rob wins or loses in the end?

– Did Mike Chiesl make the right decision by giving the loved ones visit to the remaining players in the game? What does Rob think Mike should have done?

– As a Coach expert, how much does Phillip Sheppard remind Erinn of her time with Coach?

– How did Erinn think her friend, Andrea Boehlke fared on Survivor Redemption Island?

– And what will Frank Clark finally have to say in his first appearance on the podcast to help Rob out with this week’s latest batch of comments?

It’s a Survivor podcast so good, even Mike Chiesl wouldn’t be able to give it away… it’s Rob Has a Podcast


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