Survivor: Cambodia

Episode 12 – A Million Dollar Decision

Previously on Survivor:

Second chances are never easy…

Jeremy’s confessional: “I’ve got so much riding on me. My wife is pregnant. I want to be there to see it grow.”

…Some were struggling with their emotions…

First we heard Spencer telling Jeremy that he didn’t say I love you to his girlfriend then we heard his confessional: “I’m trying to have feelings.”

…While others were fighting to stay alive.

Joe said that he needs immunity or he’s toast.

At the last immunity challenge, Joe lost for the first time.

Back at camp, Stephen thought he could get everybody on board to vote out Joe, but Spencer had plans of his own.

At Tribal Council, Spencer got his way, shocking Jeremy, Tasha, and Kimmi.

While the previous episode had gone to great lengths to give Kelley a big share of the credit for getting rid of Stephen, this recap took it all away and gave it all to Spencer. Of course, Spencer’s credit would have been even greater if Jeff had said something about overcoming Stephen’s advantage, but we are clearly told that this big move went according to Spencer’s plan. We are witnessing Spencer’s game and also his emotional struggle. Even if we all know about Jeremy’s wife and are connected to his life story, Spencer’s own story received just as much attention.

This recap has reduced the game to Spencer and Jeremy’s story.      

A Million Dollar Decision

Day 30

Jeremy and Spencer were having coffee while walking on the beach. Jeremy said that it was a great move, but he asked if Spencer thought of the numbers.

Spencer said that the game was still open and that they were still good.

Spencer’s confessional: “For the first time, I made a move. I blindsided Stephen, but I can’t become the “gamebot” who treats people like pawns so even if Jeremy isn’t someone I want to go to the end with, he’s probably someone I need to keep a relationship with.

Jeremy’s confessional: “I didn’t want Stephen gone. Now I feel in trouble. I don’t feel comfortable with anything. These voting blocs just keep moving and I don’t like that feeling. I like to be in the middle of everything and know what is going on.”

Quite noticeably, Jeremy was shown behind the smoke coming from the campfire.

The Fog of War

The Fog of War

That is an indication that he will be blinded by the fog of war. Yes, we will see other players through clouds of smoke, but unlike Jeremy, they weren’t talking about knowing what was going on. This scene continued on the same track as the recap, giving Spencer and Jeremy center stage. With the Cambridge fireman acknowledging the great move, it certainly gives Spencer the upper hand.

Kimmi and Kelley were both in the hammock. Kimmi said that Joe had to be the next to go (Kimmi’s confessional was inserted here). She noted that there would be four women and only three men left afterward. The sound effect made it appear like a revelation. Kelley was quick to say: “I would love to do all the women. Kimmi said they could act before any of the guys realize what was happening. Kelley liked that idea. She was in.

Kimmi’s confessional: “After Tribal, I felt completely blindsided and I realized that I need to be in control of my destiny.”

Kelley’s confessional: “Out of the blue, Kimmi approaches me with this plan of an all girls’ alliance. If we vote out Joe and the girls are willing to work together, there’s nothing that Jeremy, Keith or Spencer could do.”

Kimmi then talked to Tasha, saying that after Joe they could get Spencer, Keith and Jeremy.

Kimmi had another confessional (different attire, different location): “I didn’t come out here and leave my family to be somebody’s pawn. I came out here to win, so it’s time for me to make my move.”

I wonder what Monica’s reaction was when she saw this scene at home. Now Kimmi wants a women’s alliance? Replace Spencer with Monica and maybe the women would already be in charge. Unfortunately for her and Kelley, the women’s alliance sounded a bit too sure of themselves. The Black Widow Brigade led by Parvati certainly showed a lot of confidence, but they were going up against dumb players like Ozzy, Jason, Erik and James. They were not exactly masters of the strategic game. It could even be argued that they authored the four dumbest moves ever! Spencer and Jeremy are much savvier players.   Even if the women would eventually get their way, their alliance does not have the editorial content that supports a long-term impact. Kimmi’s sudden emergence suggests that she could be the next to go and even Kelley will hit some distinct negative notes before the end of the evening.

The Family Visit

Tasha told Jeff she felt great while Jeremy said he didn’t know what was going on back home.

Jeff teased the players, making it seem as if there weren’t going to be any visitors this time.

I bet they were playing along and knew exactly what was going to happen because tree mail isn’t as subtle as Probst.

Val was back to visit Jeremy and she told him they were having a boy.

Jeremy’s confessional: “Val said it’s a boy. I’m having a son. That’s wild, but I don’t want anybody to know right now. They don’t need to know.”

Tasha’s cousin Christina was next.

Spencer got a visit from his girlfriend and he (finally) told her he loved her.

Spencer’s confessional: “Saying I love you is a big deal to me and it’s something I’ve struggled with since childhood. It’s like I fought through feeling that way with so many people that I’ve loved. The fact that I did say I love you, it shows me that this change is real. It’s not made up; it’s happened because I do love Marcella.”

Abi’s mom was back as a second chance visitor.

Keith wanted to see “Big D” and he got to see her. We learned that they met in LA…Lower Arkansas!

Ha! Ha! Ha!

Dale was also back and he talked about the loved ones that stay home.

(He probably went through the pre-flight preparations along with Stephen’s loved one. It must be hard to learn at the last minute that you aren’t making the trip after all.)

Joe finally got to see his dad on Survivor, making his dream come true. Joe thanked his opponents for giving him this moment.

Finally, Kimmi, who had waited longer than anyone else, got to hug her dad.

The Reward Challenge

Kimmi and Keith had the early lead, but she had problems at the balance beam. Keith was first to reach the word puzzle.

(That wasn’t going to help! It was an eleven letter word, (nourishment) so Keith was never going to win!)

Jeremy and Kelley were the next two over the beam followed by Joe and Abi. Spencer was the sixth to arrive at the puzzle board.

Keith was just looking at his blocks of letters.

Kimmi, who had reached it first, was the last to cross the balance beam.

Abi started stacking letters but she wasn’t right. Everyone started to panic when Kelley started stacking her letters. She had the right word.

She raced to Dale for a hug.

Abi said she was going for “redemption”!

Now that’s funny! She couldn’t spell redemption and, needless to say, she won’t be getting it from the editors either.

Kelley had to pick three tribe members. She chose Keith and Abi first and then Kimmi because she had been talking about the family visit. Given a fourth choice, Kelley picked Joe because the family visit meant a lot to him.

That left Tasha, Jeremy, and Spencer to share their pain…and their plans! Not the best idea especially because she planned on voting against Joe. Is she that dumb? Someone probably suggested it, but she did rush over to Joe as soon as they were told for sure that their family members were on the island.

Kelley running to Joe

Kelley Running to Joe

Maybe it will earn her his vote at FTC but that’s still too far to be an immediate consideration. It seems that she had to choose Spencer. Best of all, she shouldn’t have won this challenge.




Day 30

Kelley’s confessional: “Walking into camp with my dad at my side and the other loved ones, it was a beautiful thing. It was so cool. I could just tell that everyone was excited to be here.

Keith’s confessional: “To see a family member, especially your wife, I don’t know, I needed to see somebody. I don’t care if you had brought my fifth cousin from my daddy’s side, just some kind of relative, but “Big D” was the ultimate prize.”

Joe and his father had a nice talk.

While we saw Kimmi thanking Kelley profusely, we didn’t hear anything from her, another indication that she could be next.

Back in the shelter, Tasha, Jeremy and Spencer had to settle for plain rice.

Jeremy asked Spencer what he thought of Kelley’s picks. Spencer said that he was expecting them but that it sucked.

Spencer in confessional: “Kelley choosing who to come with her on reward was like these tiny little shanks to the heart, one by one by one. I’ve never felt heartache like that. I just had to take a moment and let my heart catch up with my head. There’s no option right now but for me to get my head back into the game and do everything in my power to win.”

Spencer told Jeremy and Tasha that they should be the Final Three together. Jeremy and Tasha were in.

Tasha’s confessional: “This is perfect: I have one option to go with Spencer and Jeremy to the Final Three and then on the other side, the girls were talking about an all-girl alliance. So, I think I have two viable options.”

Spencer put Joe’s name back on the chopping block. Tasha was on board.

Of course since that suits both her options.

Spencer’s confessional: “At this point, I don’t know how many chances there are going to be to get Joe out. I let one opportunity go because I had a big move to make and I needed Joe’s help for it but Joe is a guy who, you give him an inch, he will take a mile. He gets momentum and I’m done so it makes all the sense in the world for me, the second I get the chance, to get this guy out of here.”

This episode is getting down to the nitty-gritty and he really had the feeling that it is the pivotal moment in the game. At a time when a million dollar decision is taking shape, we hear from Spencer but not from Jeremy. Spencer gets a confessional about the reward picks and how he will turn it around, giving us a winning quote in the process and then he clearly explains why Joe is the only right move. In comparison, Jeremy is still lost in the fog. Tasha also gave an interesting interview, but it served mostly to cast doubt on the guys’ chances.  

The Immunity Challenge

It was going to be one necklace for the men and one for the women.

At least this season they did it with equal numbers. Also, with a challenge clearly favoring upper body strength, it was the right time for this particular twist. It was nice to see that there was much more space between the players than the camera angle of the promotion shot had suggested. They could only drop that statue on their own heads!

Kimmi was the first to lose her statue, and she was soon followed by Abi.

Her mom wasn’t there to tell her to keep her focus!

Tasha wasn’t able to make the transition and was out of the challenge after 25 minutes, giving immunity to Kelley.

Jeff had just asked which woman wanted it more.

Spencer and Jeremy also lost their statues during this transition. We were down to Keith and Joe and they would last for another hour.

You could easily see the tension in the peanut gallery.

Praying that Joe doesn't win

Praying That Joe Doesn’t Win

The camera was once more mainly focused on Kelley’s reactions. When Joe recovered, you could read her disappointment. Considering the outcome, I wouldn’t say that it was particularly good to be shown rooting against Joe. The intensity of the music grew as the challenge went on. They had reached the hour and 20-minute mark. That’s when disaster hit. The image went blurry just before Joe fell to the ground.




Abi, Kimmi and Kelley jumped for joy when Joe fell but soon realized that something was wrong. Jeff called for medical help.

At least, Kelley was shown as the first one to ask if Joe was okay, but it wasn’t her finest moment. The scene became so intense that we even saw two “camermen” on our screen. They didn’t want to miss the moment.

My uncle is a Camerman on the show

“My Uncle is a Cameraman on the Show”

The doctor’s diagnosis was that Joe’s blood sugar had come down. Joe confirmed that his legs went numb. The doctor asked for some shade so an umbrella was brought over.

Probst quickly used the umbrella for himself!

I'm the Star and don't you forget it!

I’m the Star and Don’t You Forget It!

The doctor said that Joe would be fine. Jeff reassured him by saying he wasn’t going to be pulled from the game.

Joe had a confessional to tell us that he really wanted to win. He knew he could get voted out.

While handing out the necklace to Kelley, Jeff said: “Not to be lost in all the drama, this was a great effort.” He also congratulated Keith.

Is this the extent of Kelley’s strong role in our story? If we use Jeff’s words as an indication of what will happen down the road, then Kelly will give a great effort but she won’t be part of the drama that will unfold in the end. It’s rare that women get these types of edits. When their role is to create doubt for a winner, the women are shown as bossy and overbearing or emotional wrecks. The few that have been presented as strong players usually win.

Jeff then told the group that they were the kind of people they were hoping to get for a second chance season: “A group of people willing to push themselves further than they would ever dare push themselves back home in their normal lives…”

…and Abi.

Day 32

We didn’t see anything from Day 31. Did the family visit extend that long or did the group spend a whole day doing nothing?

Abi’s confessional: “The immunity challenge was like watching a crazy soccer match: Brazil against Germany. (Didn’t the last big match between those two finish 7-1 for the Mannschaft?! I doubt Abi enjoyed that one.) To see Joey Amazing lose to a fifty-two-year-old man– it was awesome. Now, it’s time for him to go.”

Walking in the water, we first saw two herons and then a Kimmi.

Walk This way

Walk This Way

The juxtaposition of the two images was meant to make fun of the former Australian cast member.

Kelley told Abi that Kimmi wanted a women’s alliance and that Tasha was in. The tides had turned according to Kelley. She added: “We get rid of Joe and we decide what’s best for us.”

Kelley’s confessional: “The fact that Joe pushed himself until he passed out, that is frightening because, like, I can’t compete with that. So, he’s got to go. Once we get him out of here, the girls are in control of this game.”

I wonder if Keith will suddenly become more of a target. He was immune this time but he did beat Joe even if Joe had given all he had. I’d be worried about that “old” man, but no one seems to worry about him. Either we don’t hear his name as a threat because he won’t last much longer and the editors don’t want to ruin the suspense or the players are truly underestimating him. Could Keith win it all? Ha! Ha! Ha!  

We saw Kelley winking and blowing kisses at Abi.

Blowing Kisses

Blowing Kisses



That was another sign of arrogance. It’s not time for celebrations yet.


Joe and Jeremy went out for a talk. Joe’s case was to present Abi as the likeliest person to get to the end. Everyone wanted to sit next to Abi so they had to get rid of her.

Jeremy knew what he meant: “Sitting next to Abi is easy money.”

Sitting with Tasha and Spencer, Jeremy asked if they should vote against Joe or Abi.

If they are the Final Three then Jeremy will be sitting next to those two and it certainly wouldn’t be as easy.   Did the editors cut from one scene to the other so abruptly to underline that fact? This million dollar decision is only good for one person. All the others will have to wonder what would have happened in a different Final Three combination, so maybe Jeremy will regret not going for the “easy money”.

Tasha revealed the all-girls alliance idea that was floating around but that it would not happen because she was locked in since day one with them.

Despite that reassurance, the thought scared Jeremy and Spencer.

Jeremy’s confessional: “I was planning on voting out Joe and then Tasha tells me that there is talk of an all-girls alliance. Oh, my God!”

Tasha’s confessional: “So I told Spencer and Jeremy about the all-girls alliance because I didn’t want to risk having them find out about it from someone else–that would create distrust. However, all I did was make them suspicious which could mean trouble.”

The trio sat in awkward silence.

Will the Finale be as quiet as this?

Will the Finale Be as Quiet as This?

They didn’t look too happy. Tasha just showed that she is too nice for this game. In her opening confessional, she wanted to be more aggressive and this was clearly her opportunity. While we can understand her reason for coming clean, an aggressive player would have run the risk. How would Jeremy and Spencer have learnt about it if she hadn’t told them? Even if they did, Tasha could have said she heard about it and let the other women talk but that she wasn’t buying into their plan. Tasha had two viable options and an aggressive player would have waited for the next cycle to make the decision.    

While Tasha went to braid Abi’s hair, Jeremy told Spencer that he was “really nervous about this all-girl thing”.

Spencer said that he was concerned either way: “If we keep Joe, I’m terrified. If we get rid of Joe, I’m terrified.”

Spencer’s confessional: “The problem is I’m not 100 percent convinced that Tasha’s ideal Final Three is myself and Jeremy. Tasha might have the thought in her head: I can beat an Abi; I can beat a Kimmi; I can beat Wentworth, so we have to squash these girls before they get anything started.”

Jeremy’s confessional: “If those girls take over the game, me and Spencer, we’re all done. Our games are over so having Tasha on my side is crucial right now.”

He tried to talk to Tasha, but she put the target back on Joe.

Kelley was nervous to see Tasha talking to Jeremy. Kimmi said that Tasha was 100 percent with them.

Tasha’s confessional: “Joe escaped one Tribal Council and I don’t want him to escape another one, but at this point, it’s a stalemate. I don’t want to go to Tribal Council not knowing what’s going to happen so we need to come to an agreement. We are going to be making a million dollar decision and I’m nervous as hell about that.”

Tribal Council

Jeff asked Joe how he felt after going through “one of the most dramatic moments in Survivor history.”

Joe said he was okay. He said he had never pushed himself so much.

Kimmi said that the battle between Joe and Keith was epic and that the ending was frightening.

Kelley pointed out that Joe was ready to push himself so much that he could beat them all.

Jeremy said that as soon as he knew Joe was all right he went back to thinking that he doesn’t have immunity so that they could take him out. He added that the next few votes would be crucial.

Tasha, Kelley, and Joe agreed.

Going back to Jeremy, Jeff pointed out the difference between alliances and voting blocs. You can count on an alliance but a voting bloc is new every day.

Jeremy answered that you have to pick an alliance when you get down to the nitty-gritty. “You don’t want to end up on the bottom of the voting bloc.”

Joe and Abi indicated that they were on the chopping block.

Abi said that she was on the bottom because of her connection with Wentworth and Ciera.

Joe said she was a threat because everyone would want to take her to the end.

I wish he had used the word “goat” just so we could hear her bleat!

Spencer agreed with Jeff’s comment: “When this person you’d love to sit next to in the Final Three doesn’t help your chances of getting there, it becomes a problem.”

Abi said that they had to get rid of the bad apple.

I’m guessing a majority of viewers consider her as the bad apple.

Joe simply hoped that people would vote with him. If not, the big threats would be voted out one after the other. “It only takes four after this vote and if you don’t have four that you can absolutely trust, you are going to be 8, 7, 6…”

The camera was on Spencer, Tasha and Jeremy when Joe said this. They are the ones that have to worry about the repercussion of this vote.

It was time to vote.

Abi voted against Joe: “You’re moldy; you got to go and please get a haircut. You look like a clown.”

We didn’t see Spencer’s vote but we heard him say: “I have the terrifying feeling that this is either a winning or a losing vote.”

Joe voted against Abi, Keith voted against Tasha, but all the others voted against Joe.

Kelley gave a big smile to the jury and Fishbach appeared to answer her with a fist pump.

Do I get the Fishy? Maybe but I haven't Read my Blog yet.

Do I Get the Fishy? Maybe But I Haven’t Read My Blog Yet.

Jeff sent them back to camp asking if an alliance had been formed or if it was just an opportunity to take out a big threat.

The Story

This chapter was all about Spencer and Jeremy having to decide the outcome of the game. They are now faced with the possibility of a women’s alliance, Survivor’s last resort to cast doubt over a winner’s chance. We often hear about the possibility of one taking over the game, but it’s more often a scarecrow than an actual danger. We’ve seen two strong women’s alliances succeed over the years, namely Parvati’s Black Widow Brigade and Kim’s Salani alliance. Those alliances started early in the season and they included women with strong editorial content. (The Black Widow Brigade got its name after the merger but Parvati, Amanda, and Cirie had sealed a Final Three deal before the first switch.) This is much more like Borneo, Palau, Redemption Island and Cagayan when the notion of the women ganging up on the men suddenly appeared to put doubts in the viewers’ mind. If the women’s alliance had started when Monica first mentioned it and the idea had carried through the merger where it had become a driving force in these big blindsides, then it would have a strong chance to succeed. Jeremy and Spencer would look like their puppets by now, but that’s not this season’s story.

This season, the men have made their share of moves and the latest one was entirely credited to Spencer. Kelley played a role in it from what we remember of the last episode, but that isn’t the official version. It was Spencer’s plan and Jeremy congratulated him for the great move. If we had seen the whole tribe arriving back at camp after Tribal Council then we would probably have heard praise being spread around but that wasn’t important. The moment that mattered happened the next morning when Spencer and Jeremy took a walk on the beach. This episode showed that they could be walking together all the way to the end. We’ll just have to say goodbye to unpredictability.

The Characters

Abi: She may have been going for redemption and her mom may think she’s an angel, but to the viewers, she’s still the same Abi. Her momentary eclipse after the merger seemed like a good sign for those that were close to her but she is back and she didn’t lose her negativity. Stephen was Mr “Poopy Pants” while Joe is a bad apple. Her confessional was the first one shown after Joe’s dramatic collapse and the huge smile she showed came too soon for us to forgive such callous indifference to his suffering. Will Abi make it to the Final Three? Joe seemed to think she had a reserved seat and the others certainly see that she is “easy money”, but it seems that the players will have to earn their way to the Final Three. Compared to the rest of the group, Abi hasn’t given enough and she certainly hasn’t corrected her “little mistakes.”

Kimmi:   I wonder if she remembered that Spencer would already be gone if she had followed Monica’s plan to keep the women’s numbers. Maybe Wiglesworth would also be there. Now that would have given more power to the women. It seems like Kimmi only wanted to be part of a women’s alliance if she was the one that formed it. It had to be her idea. Of course, being excluded from the previous reward may have soured her a bit on the guys in her alliance and Jeremy doesn’t seem to talk to her very often, so maybe it was a question of timing for her. As a viewer, though, her sudden emergence seems to signal that we are entering the last chapter of her story.

Keith: Everyone was scared to see how far Joe could push himself. They should have been even more scared of Keith who beat Joe even when the former Nagarote star was pushing himself to the limit. That was quite an extraordinary showing and it wasn’t the first time he’s impressed us. Can Keith win? His edit is much better than it was in San Juan del Sur. The biggest argument we’ve seen from him this time was when Kimmi tried to cook a crab and she dropped it in the fire. He is mostly shown for comic relief, but he had another solid episode. With Keith, saying that he is getting “over the hump” is enough to consider it a winner’s quote. Of course, we heard him say that seeing “Big D” was the ultimate prize, though. To the ears of an editing analyst that sounds like the only prize he will get. The others could see him as the new biggest threat and make the mistake of voting him out before Jeremy and Spencer.

Tasha: This episode started very well for Tasha even if she didn’t get much time to spend with her cousin. She suddenly received two viable options, which is exactly what an aggressive player wants.   She was afraid that Jeremy would hear about the women’s alliance from another source, but that’s the risk an aggressive player has to take. If she wanted to pay aggressively now and ask for forgiveness later then she had to outwit him and you do that by concealing information, not by giving it freely. By coming clean, Tasha showed that she is too nice for this game. If she does make it to the Final Three with Jeremy and Spencer, we will have to agree with the latter when he said that it wouldn’t be her ideal Final Three. Guys like Fishbach and Joe are unlikely to vote for her while the women will not appreciate her betrayal. And she just might have to forget Kass’ vote!! Savage could possibly vote for her because of their days in Angkor, but Savage would probably vote for Jeremy. Given this, why wouldn’t Tasha choose the women’s alliance? We were all incredulous when Kimmi snitched on Monica, but this is even less wise.

Kelley: The way Jeff narrated the recap was very detrimental for her chances. Eliminating Stephen on the night where he used his advantage would certainly have been a big feather in her cap and a large part of the case that she would present to the jury. Maybe she won’t be able to convince the jurors about her role in the decision because, like Jeff, they will give all the credit to Spencer. Maybe it won’t matter because she won’t there to make her case. Once the episode started, things didn’t go much better for her despite her success in challenges. The cameras focused on her during Joe’s epic battle when they could have been on Kimmi, Abi or even Tasha. Everyone was hoping to see Joe fail but the way it was presented made Kelley look like the meanest one. At least she was the first to ask if he was all right but that won’t matter in the viewers’ opinion.

This is the part of the season where the edit often tries to undo all the clues that were presented during the pre-merge, but this is different. Women that play strong games but don’t win are usually presented as bossy and overbearing much like Laura in Samoa or Ami in Vanuatu who, we saw on their second chances, were actually quite nice women. Tying Kelley to Joe’s fall in this way reminds us of her plan to throw Terry under the bus. At the time, it looked like it made her a strategic player instead of one that only wanted to be under the radar, but now it looks like that was the editors’ way to make her look villainous. She wished ill on the two players that were about to exit after going through moments of personal drama.

Like Jeff said when he handed her the necklace, Kelley’s role in this story may have been shaped with the idea that her effort shouldn’t be forgotten despite all the drama. That’s usually reserved to the type of players that Jeff prefers, but maybe he is changing. Kelley’s only hope comes from the connection we were shown between her and Stephen after Joe was voted out.   It’s possible that the story will be revised once more, but my pick appears in grave danger.

Jeremy: He may be at the center of the only real alliance, but Jeremy isn’t making the plans. He seems to have fallen one step behind and he’s still trying to catch up. First it was Kelley’s idol, then he played a minor role in eliminating Ciera and now Stephen’s blindside and the women’s alliance caught him completely off guard. We heard him saying “Oh, my God!” a few times and his last confessional showed his panic. He was doing much more wishful thinking than actual planning. Jeremy didn’t want second place for himself and he didn’t want to keep Spence around too long, but it feels that is exactly what will happen to him. He has now lost his last shield, but he still has an idol to protect him. Well, there may be idiots in addition to his idol protecting him. He shouldn’t be in anyone Final Three plans yet no one is targeting him. Abi may take someone’s spot, but he’d be taking their money. Then again, time after time, players forget who the real jury threat is. You’d think returning players would see that, but Skupin was the biggest culprit ever. Mike was an idiot so maybe there’s hope for these players still. Of course, now with Joe gone, Jeremy could run the tables and that would certainly end all jury discussions.

Spencer: He could lose to Jeremy, but it wouldn’t be from a game perspective but from a respect factor. A Final Tribal Council against Jeremy would actually be the true test of Spencer’s game. Will he have made enough strong connections with these people to earn their votes against such a likable player, a family man and expecting father? That will be a tough hill to climb, but he is playing the better game. He could go back to his first days in Ta Keo and use his survival over Shirin as the first feather in his cap. Then he survived a tough situation in the new Bayon and he made some excellent moves after the merger. Will any of that matter? He said Tasha should worry about staying with Jeremy, but he should see that Jeremy isn’t his ideal adversary either. He said Tasha could be tempted to go with Abi, Kimmi and Wentworth, but the same should apply to him. His plan should be to remove Jeremy along with one or two of the women and then he would be sitting in his ideal Final Three.

Ozzy couldn’t overcome all the respect that many jurors had for Yul, and Spencer may face the same problem if those two make it to the end together as it now appears. Despite all the respect that Jeremy will receive from the jury, the difference in their respective portrayal makes me think that Spencer would beat him in the end.  In addition to respect, Yul was the strategist and everyone knew it. This season, Spencer has been making moves and connecting with people.

His voting confessional told us that he was either making a winning vote or a losing one.  Voting out Joe was the right move according to the jury’s reaction, so we have to consider that he just told us that he’d win.

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