Eliza Orlins on Catfights & Survivor Arrests

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The greatest juror of all-time, Eliza Orlins, joins Rob Cesternino and Nicole Palmeri to discuss the latest episode of Heroes vs. Villains.  In addition to seeing the longest-tenured Survivor player of all-time, Amanda Kimmel have her torch snuffed for the first time, we also saw one of the wildest catfights in Survivor history between Amanda and Danielle.  Also discussed on today’s show:

– We ask Eliza, as a lawyer, her opinion on the recent arrests of Russell Hantz and Kenward Boo Bernis down in Lafayette, Louisiana.

– We try to figure out what Colby Donaldson was thinking while he tried to watch Treasure Island instead of Amanda wrestling with Danielle DiLorenzo.

– We take a look at the strategy that led Candice and Sandra to vote the way they did and whether they made the right decisions.

– We try to figure out if Courtney Yates has what it takes to surpass Eliza as the greatest juror of all time.

Find out all this and more in a revealing episode of Rob Has A Podcast!

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