Evolution of Strategy Preview: The First Episode of Survivor

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Today’s show is a chance for the listeners of Rob Has a Podcast to preview the first piece of Rob’s new audiobook with Josh Wigler, “The Evolution of Strategy: 30 Seasons of Survivor”

Each chapter of the audiobook will explore all of the strategic innovations made in one season of Survivor.  The first chapter of the book is available for download FREE in the store.

This podcast contains the first part of the first chapter discussing the very first episode of Survivor.  We’ll discuss the first 16 players to ever play the game, what gets established in the first episode and what crumbs of strategy are shown by the producers in Survivor’s first hour of television.

Available Chapters

Survivor Borneo – Available for FREE

Survivor: The Australian Outback – Now available for purchase for $2.99

Volume 1: Seasons 1-10:  Available currently for $19.99 with a new season being added each Friday of Survivor off-season.

Comment Pages – Comment on Chapter 1 covering Survivor: Borneo – Comment on Chapter 1 covering Survivor: The Australian Outback.

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