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Parton the Interruption: Survivor Shannon on Emily and the Men of the Bachelorette

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Rob starts the show professing his love for Spreecast– RHAWS is always on the front page, and the Think Tank is still in the top spot. Word in the Twitterverse is that people are only watching the Bachelorette to keep up with the podcast. Rob, a Bachelorette newbie, is still in the honeymoon phase with The Bachelorette.


Rob announces he will be doing a Top 14 Big Brother All-Time players in June and starting Rob Has a Movie Club. Nicole would like to do a Chick Flick also, but Rob is dubious she will commit to it. Survivor Shannon takes Nicole’s side in the chatroom, so Nicole wins this little tiff!


Survivor Shannon then calls in to defend his Bachelorette Expert status. His biggest edge over Matt Quinlan is that he has been married for 13 years. Rob, Nicole and Shannon discuss Alessandro’s escapades with his cousin and Kalon’s rudeness to Emily. They also talk about the mismatch between Emily and her friends, as well as Ryan’s un-PC comment. In contrast, gentleman Shannon would still “love on” his woman if she got fat. Shannon thinks Sean is the most solid guy of the season, but he doesn’t think Emily is smart enough to pick him.


Shannon also felt bad for Arie on the Dollywood date because it was all about Emily. They wonder where Emily is headed aesthetically speaking, if Dolly Parton is Emily’s idol. Shannon thinks Emily is pretty fake and he’s only watching to see the rantics of the crazy dudes on the show. Shannon also reveals he would have pulled a Glenn Close by cooking up “Shelly” for the Eggman’s breakfast. We also learn that Shannon is not a fan of Doug, country music, or absentee top lips. They also talk about Creepy Chris’s date featuring Luke Bryan, who also appeared on Celebrity Apprentice in a challenge with Bret Michaels. Shannon also wonders why Dancing Queen Stevie can’t do the robot, and Nicole thinks Stevie looks like a troll doll.


Shannon also gives his quick thoughts on Survivor. He liked Kim, but thought she played against weak players. He was also a big fan of Colton. Then Shannon throws down the gauntlet as he departs, telling MJQ to “Bring It.”


Rob and Nicole then take viewer questions and show how unbelievable Reyes looks in her harness. Rob can’t think of a movie that reminds him of Survivor, but he does disclose that he has seen a film called Erotic Survivor. Next, International Liaison of Love Leonardo calls in. He is no longer #TeamAlessandro. After he saw his conversation with Emily, he thought “DUDE, what a weirdo!” People in the chat room want Leo for the next Bachelor.


The show closes with the one-and-only David Healy who makes a cryptic car-call inquiring about hooking up with Brenchel.


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