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The Hangover 2 is the number 1 movie in the country after making more than 117 million dollars over the Memorial Day weekend. Rob Cesternino is joined by Matt Hoffman from Big Brother 12 to talk about all things Hangover including:

– What are the biggest differences between Hangover 1 and Hangover 2?

– Out of Zach Galifianakis, Bradley Cooper or Ed Helms, which members of the Hangover crew had the best showing in Hangover 2?

– What can be done to improve the Hangover franchise for the Hangover 3?

– What were some of the most implausable moments from the Hangover 2?

– Which is the better movie, Hangover 2 or Bridesmaids?

– What happens when we compare the Wolfpack to the Brigade from Big Brother 12?

It’s a Hangover podcast so good, you wont remember what you were doing before… it’s Rob Has a Podcast.


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