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How David Hasselhoff almost Broke up Brenchel

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Rachel Reilly is the Head of Household in the Big Brother house once again and it’s time to find out who she decided to nominate for eviction on another Big Brother 13 podcast with Rob Cesternino and Nicole. On this edition of the Big Brother podcast we find out:

– Did Rachel and Brendon make the right decision by choosing to put up Dominic and Adam on the nomination block instead of Kalia and Lawon or Jeff and Jordan?

– How has Danielle Donato’s decision to ask Rachel to put up Jeff and Jordan changed the Big Brother 13 game.

– Who are the biggest floaters in the Big Brother house?

– Why were the house guest so excited to meet the star of Knight Rider and Baywatch, David Hasselhoff? How close did the Hoff really come to breaking up Brendon and Rachel for good?

– How does the Prisoner’s Dilemma in Game Theory relate to Jeff and Jordan and Brendon and Rachel in the Big Brother house?

– And why does Rob think think that Shelly Moore might be the craziest Big Brother player of all-time?

It’s a Big Brother podcast that’s more entertaining than the new show, Same Name… it’s Rob Has a Podcast.

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