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Two legends of both reality TV and Spreecast join forces on a mist filled edition of Rob Has a Web Show. Rob Cesternino and Dan Gheesling begin the evening by recalling Dan’s history with Spreecast well before Rob’s stint. Rob starts by asking Dan about how he came up with his now famous Funeral. Dan says he had the idea in his head from before he went into solitary confinement. He tells a story of an emotional moment he had before the Veto competition which led him to hatch the idea.

Dan talks about life outside the Big Brother house and the reception he’s received from fans. He says one out of every twenty e-mails will be a hate filled rant, but he takes amusement in just how angry the trolls can be. Rob and Dan both agree that it’s easy to turn a hater due to their intense passion for something one way or the other.

Rob Cesternino asks Dan Gheesling about his post-game relationships with some of his fellow cast members, including Danielle Murphree who was very upset with Dan in her finale interview. Dan breaks down the press interviews with Ian and Danielle the day after the show. Everyone was friendly with each other at the start of the day, but by the end of it Danielle wouldn’t even look at Dan. Rob thinks that while Dan may have done a few bad things to Danielle, at the end of the day he was a key reason she made it as far as she did.

Dan says he’s on good terms with winner Ian Terry in spite of the hurt feelings Ian had during his jury speech. Dan feels the bond he formed with Ian was so close he felt the jury would have hated him more for voting him out in the final three than Danielle.

Rob Cesternino and Dan Gheesling then get to some video questions. Rob shows Dan his impression of Eagle Eye Joe Arvin. Dan is asked what he’d add to his book How to Get on Reality TV after a second stint in the house and he says while he’d have to reflect on it he thinks secrecy is a big part of the casting process he left out.

Dan says the last five days of this past season was the hardest part of his entire Big Brother experience. When asked about what would have happened had the coaches stuck together he says he doesn’t think he could have pulled off the impressive moves he made in the second half of the game with Janelle Pierzina and Mike Boogie Malin still in the house, but he would have liked to have worked with Janelle due to her challenge skills.

Rob talks about the anti-Dan sentiment coming from previous Big Brother players. Rob thinks the bitterness stemmed from the fact that Dan Gheesling got so much praise for his game, especially from Julie Chen herself. He says he had a lot of support from sharp players like Matt Hoffman. Dan acknowledges the comparison between himself and Russell Hantz and says he has a lot of respect for Russell’s game and thinks he’s a revolutionary player in the current Survivor era.

In the first Ding Marry Kill of the night, Dan surprisingly chooses to marry Willie Hantz over a life time of cooking from chef Joe Arvin. Dan says he and Willie shared some interesting conversations in the house and conversation is key to a good marriage. Shane Meanie is declared the easiest Ding of all time.

Live feed correspondent SnideSnidington asks one of the most pressing questions of the evening…what exactly did Dan think of The Dark Knight Rises. Dan was very pleased with the end of the Batman trilogy and draws some links between the story in The Dark Knight Rises and his personal journey in Big Brother 14.

Dan is asked what would happen if Kara Monnaco stayed in the game over Frank Eundy in week two. Dan says he had a relationship with Kara similar to Memphis Garrett in that the two of them were both very logical and could have worked together well. Rob asks Dan about a recent tweet from Dr. Will Kirby. Dan says that while he and Will respect each other’s games, he doesn’t like how Dr. Will embraces the persona that he’s above Big Brother.

Rob Cesternino moves into some RHAPid-fire questions starting with asking Dan if he expected Danielle Murphree to get amount of hate that followed her in the fan community. Dan says he was very surprised she was so disliked and thought she’d be in the middle of the pack in terms of popularity. Dan looks in the rear view mirror and decides the pivotal moment which cost him the half million was not bringing Jenn Arroyo to the final two. Dan says hands down his ideal Amazing Race partner would be Memphis Garrett. Had he gotten the chance to chose a player in the third round of the draft, Dan would have chosen Jenn despite her invisible edit. Finally Dan says Janelle Pierzina would have easily been Renegade material had she made it deeper in the game.

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