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The Challenge: Free Agents: Episode 9 Recap[/caption]

As part of our newly formed Reality TV RHAP-ups, Rob Cesternino welcomes the hosts of our new “The Challenge RHAP-up” to Rob Has a Podcast to discuss episode 9 of The Challenge: Free Agents.  Rob introduces the RHAP world to Brian Cohen (@BusDriversRoute) and Ali Lasher (@LashTweets) to discuss this past episode and the entire season of The Challenge.

In this episode Rob asks Brian and Ali a number of the most burning The Challenge questions including:

  • How did the fight between Laurel and Cara Maria escalate so quickly?
  • Who are the favorites right now to win this season of The Challenge?
  • Was this the most violent challenge of the season from The Challenge?
  • What have been some of the biggest moments from this season?
  • Why would Survivor fans appreciate watching The Challenge?
  • Who are the greatest male and female challenge competitors of all time?
  • Is Leroy playing a smart strategy this season in The Challenge?
  • Can someone who is not a big guy ever win The Challenge?
  • Who is the dominant player in this era of The Challenge?
  • How much do contestants make for participating in The Challenge?
  • Has the amount that the contestants drink declined over the years?

Find out the answers to these questions and much more as we RHAP-up this week’s edition of The Challenge.  Stay tuned later this week when we can give you the URL to subscribe to The Challenge ONLY feed of Reality TV RHAP-ups.

This weekend, Brian and Ali will record their first recap together to discuss Episode 10 of The Challenge: Free Agents.



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