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Rob Cesternino and Nicole are back for the first time in 2012 to bring you another edition of Rob Has a Web Show. This year, Rob and Nicole will be coming to you LIVE on Wednesdays at 12 pm EST / 9 am PST.

Rob starts the show by breaking down the upcoming perfect storm of Reality TV facing the Rob Has a Podcast nation. Not including this week’s premiere of Celebrity Wife Swap, all of the Rob Has a Podcast reality shows will be back (with the exception of Big Brother). Thursday marks the premiere of Jersey Shore 5 (January 6), followed by the premiere of Celebrity Apprentice (February 12), the premiere of Survivor One World (February 15) and the return of the Amazing Race will Brendan and Rachel (February 19).

Rob and Nicole break down this week’s two editions of Celebrity Wife Swap. The first episode featured Carnie Wilson from Wilson Phillips swapping lives with former Growing Pains star, Tracey Gold. Rob feels like the husbands on wife swap should be allowed to be romantic with the swapped wives. If Rob had to pick whether he would be rather be romantic with Tracey Gold or Carnie Wilson, Rob thinks he would pick Carnie Wilson, despite her outward appearance since she would probably be more fun than Tracey Gold.

Tuesday Night’s wife swap featured Celebrity Reality TV legend Gary Busey and his fiancee, Steffanie Sampson. Steffanie was sent to go live with the scandalous pastor, Ted Haggard. Meanwhile, Gayle Haggard came to live with Gary Busey in Los Angeles. Gary Busey did not disappoint and revealed a new voice (which was like baby talk) and several new Buseyisms which included FUN (Fully Understanding Nothing) and OK (Only Kidding).

Rob thinks that Gary Busey should be inducted in to the Celebrity Reality Hall of Fame for his appearances on Celebrity Wife Swap, Celebrity Apprentice and Celebrity Rehab. Rob also nominated Stephen Baldwin for the Hall of Fame. Many of the viewers suggested other candidates but Rob only reluctantly said that Janice Dickinson may be on the bubble.

Rob and Nicole also discussed Donald Trump’s appearance on the Today Show on Wednesday morning to reveal the cast of Celebrity Apprentice. Rob believed that Clay Aiken got the most airtime of the new batch of contestants. Rob and Nicole tried to remember whether or not Clay Aiken had come out of the closet and were reminded that he had been on the cover of People Magazine. Rob also announced a presidential campaign bid for November of 2016 as an independent party nominee.

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