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Celebrity Big Brother UK | Week 4 RHAP-up

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With only one more week to go before the Celebrity Big Brother UK finale, Curt Clark (@curtclark) and Malory Beazley (@malorybeazley) assess the week’s events, evictions and twists, and take a look at the playing field of possible winners.  This week, Curt and Malory discuss:

  • The evictions of Patsy Kensit and Nadia Sawalha…and the potential impact on Perez Hilton of losing his closest bonds in the house
  • The fake “walkout” of Perez, its impact…and the “fairness” of the twist
  • The additional #Jalewood twist that Perez faced upon re-entering the house
  • The rise of Katie Price as a potential for for Katie Hopkins
  • The “Big Brother Reboot” task, including the tweet that sent Perez into a tailspin
  • The Jekyll & Hyde nature of Cami-Li and Kavana
  • Favorites and long shots for who could win the whole Celebrity Big Brother game on February 6th

Stay tuned for one more week of Celebrity Big Brother UK coverage!


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