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Celebrity Big Brother UK | Week 2 RHAP-up

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Join Curt Clark (@curtclark) and Malory Beazley (@malorybeazley) for their coverage of the extremely dramatic and controversial Week 2 of Celebrity Big Brother UK.  Curt and Malory break down all the craziness since last Friday’s live nominations, including:
  • The ejection of two housemates, Jeremy Jackson and Ken Moreland, the first time ever this has happened on Celebrity Big Brother UK, as well as the circumstances surrounding their removal from the game
  • The reign of Queen of the Fairies, Cami-Li, and her extremely questionable selection of Perez Hilton as King of the Fairies…and the drama it stirred up, including their selection of Nadia Sawalha and Keith Chegwin as court jesters
  • The nominations of Alexander O’Neal, Chloe Goodman, Alicia Douvall and Michelle Visage…and the eventual exit of Chloe
  • The continuing downward spiral of Perez…and how his complete lack of self-awareness is perhaps contributing more to the show than he himself understands
  • The rift between Alicia and the “Bad Girl Club” of Katie Hopkins, Chloe and Cami-Li
  • The entrance of glamour model Katie Price into the Celebrity Big Brother House
  • The continued awesomeness of Michelle Visage…and Malory and Curt’s hope that she’ll lay into Perez at some point
Stay tuned next weekend for Week 3 coverage!


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