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Celebrity Big Brother UK 2014 – Week 2

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Join Curt Clark (@curtclark) and Malory Beazley (@SurvivorBee) as they go in-depth into all the Week 2 shenanigans of the Celebrity Big Brother UK house.  There were two evictions this week, with David McIntosh going home on Wednesday and Leslie Jordan being evicted on Friday.First off, Curt and Malory discuss David’s eviction, which surprised both of them.  Happily, Gary Busey was saved by the public, but David ended up going home over Kellie Maloney, Claire King and James Jordan…despite massive cheers from the live audience. Leslie’s reign as Star of the Show is discussed, as well as his nominations over the week and the challenges that accompany those choices…in particular, the “More or Less” challenge, in which Leslie shares that he thinks Audley Harrison is more famous than Gary, George Gilbey is sexier than Stephanie Pratt and Dee Kelly is smarter than Lauren Goodger. Ultimately, Frenchy Morgan wins that challenge, gets to remove herself from the block…and names James as her replacement nominee.

Next, they discuss Eviction #2, in which Leslie is evicted.  Curt is especially surprised, given that it is a vote to save. At Wednesday night’s face-to-face nominations, EVERYONE who received a nomination ended up facing the public vote, which led to a stunning seven nominees: Gary, Frenchy, Leslie, Audley, Kellie, Stephanie and George.  Curt was certain that either Frenchy, Stephanie, Kellie or Audley would go home, but Malory was less surprised it ended up being Leslie who hit the road.

Other topics discussed include:
  • The awesomeness that is Gary Busey
  • The on-going showmance between Stephanie and George…and the on-going bromance between James and George
  • The “Face Your Fear” challenge…in which Edele Lynch faced a huge, sweaty stomach and Gary tested his acting skills against a bunch of balloons
  • Additional drama during face-to-face nominations, including Audley’s questionable nomination of Kellie and Stephanie’s blow-up at Gary
  • Stephanie’s violation of the rules regarding the discussion of nominations…and the resulting ramifications
  • Praising NEGU (Never Ever Give Up)
  • And of course…#32Lifetimes
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