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Celebrity Big Brother UK 2014 – Week 1

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Join Malory Beazley and Curt Clark as they delve into all the goings-on during the opening week of craziness in the Celebrity Big Brother UK House.

Malory and Curt start with the most recent news in the house from Friday.  Both Malory and Curt were wondering if there would be some sort of eviction during Friday’s live show, and instead saw Leslie Jordan nominated as “Star of the Show” by the viewing public.  After a week full of drama with both Gary and Frenchy, it was of little surprise that Leslie nominated both of them to end up on the Celebrity Scrapheap (while also facing possible eviction on Wednesday).  Perhaps more surprising, though, was later in the evening when Leslie then nominated Kellie to join them (which created a huge rift between Leslie and Kellie).

Curt and Malory comment on the complete turn in likability that Leslie has undergone in just a matter of days, with Malory commenting that he fell from number one on her list of winners to the very bottom, given all the nastiness he’s exhibited in the house.  Curt proceeded to descend the “Ladder of Drama,” rung by rung, going over Leslie’s various conflicts with Frenchy and Gary.  The next rung on the Ladder of Drama was Frenchy, where Curt and Malory discussed her repeated refusal to keep quiet in the bedroom as the houseguests tried to sleep. This elicited particularly nasty comments from Leslie…which led to Frenchy destroying his $100 pair of underwear and pulling a J’tia by dumping rice (and spaghetti) in the storage room…which got even more nasty comments from Leslie.

Malory and Curt agreed that Gary’s participation in the drama came off as much less intentional, and due largely to his being hard of hearing… and not understanding what CGI stands for.  But his constant telling people to “shush” and saying sometimes insensitive things has been rubbing many people in the house the wrong way.

Fourth down on the Ladder of Drama was, surprisingly, James.  Malory commented how she liked James at the start of the week, but was really not that much of a fan anymore.  Malory and Curt discuss his run-in with Gary over some comments he felt were homophobic, as well as his Friday Night (Almost) Fight with Audley.

In addition to all this drama, Curt and Malory discuss:

Kellie’s unique situation and how she’s been handling her new persona in the Big Brother house.

Gary and Stephanie’s amazing performances during the Casting Task.

Edele’s non-stop attempts to get Frenchy to act rationally.

Channel 5’s press release, clarifying numbers around Helen’s win

…and Jack, Duchess Dierdre’s butler!

Stay tuned for a Week 2 summary coming soon!

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