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Victoria Gotti Sleeps with the Fishes on Celebrity Apprentice

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2012 has not been a kind year to the all female teams on Survivor and Celebrity Apprentice. This week’s episode of Celebrity Apprentice was another tough outing for the women of Forte as the women lost the Medieval Times challenge to the men. Rob Cesternino and Nicole break down everything from this week’s episode of Celebrity Apprentice where Victoria Gotti got fired.

Lisa Lampanelli went up against Penn Jillette, who was the project manager for the men. This week’s episode mostly centered on the feud between Lampanelli and Victoria Gotti over who should play which parts in the presentation.

Rob and Nicole discuss whether Victoria was the right person to have been fired or if Lisa Lampanelli should have gone home as the creator of the idea. Rob and Nicole also try to figure out where the divide is on the women’s team between Lisa’s side and the Venezuelan side of Dayana Mendoza and Velasquez. Finally, Rob and Nicole will discuss the merits of the new alliance between Lisa Lampanelli and Aubrey O’Day.

Over on the men’s side, it was a relatively drama free week. Poor Dee Snider broke his finger after an errant tambourine snafu by Clay Aiken, George Takei had a tough time in the script and Lou Ferrigno almost turned into the Incredible Hunk Hulk right before our eyes in the board room. Rob and Nicole break down Penn Jillette’s no-win situation in the board room… or what George Takei might refer to as a Kobayashi Maru.

Plus, we’ll have plenty of discussion about James Lipton from “Inside the Actors Studio” and his appearance on the Celebrity Apprentice this week. Nicole will also have a chance to answer James Lipton’s famous 10 questions.

Of course, Rob and Nicole take questions and comments from the podcast listeners as they break down all things on Celebrity Apprentice.

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