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Following the big reality TV Sunday Night, Rob Cesternino will be joined by the diabolical super genus, Matt Hoffman from Big Brother. Rob and Matt will take your questions live to discuss the latest firing on Celebrity Apprentice and discuss his old friends Brendon and Rachel as they continue on The Amazing Race.

We break down the job that Tia Carrere did as project manager for the women with the viral video “What’s Your Number”. We try to figure out what Tia Carrere’s age number is plus what is “the number” for Aubrey O’Day, Rachel Reilly and Debbie Gibson. Plus, would Tia Carrere have been fired had she taken Dayana Mendoza to the boardroom?

Over on the men’s team, Matt tells us about why he loves Lou Ferrigno.  We break down the big fight between Clay Aiken and Penn Jillette.  Rob tells us that he is Team Penn all the way on Celebrity Apprentice.  We’ll also try to figure out why Paul seemed especially cranky this week in the board room.

We will also discuss that awkward moment when Donald Trump Jr. was pressing Donald Trump Sr. to reveal the number of women that he’s slept with in the boardroom.

Over on the Amazing Race, we start off by getting Matt’s opinion of what its like to see his old friends Brendon Villegas and Rachel Reilly appearing on the Amazing Race.  We talk about their relatively quiet week on this week’s show and discuss their epic meltdown last week in Italy.  Of course, we’ll react to Brendon’s hilarious fall on the mat when Brendon and Rachel.

Rob was happy his least favorite team to watch Kerri and Stacy were eliminated from The Amazing Race this week and his favorites Mark and Bopper remained alive for another week.  Plus we’ll discuss the huge fight between Vanessa and Ralph and why it sucks to be Ralph.


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