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Set Phasers to Stunned: Randy Bailey on the Firing of George Takei

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After a self-imposed ban lasting almost two years, Randy Bailey has returned to Rob Has a Podcast.  The star of Survivor Gabon and Survivor Heroes vs. Villains is back to share his reality television expertise about Celebrity Apprentice with Rob Cesternino.

Randy Bailey - Survivor Gabon

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This week’s edition of Celebrity Apprentice saw legendary Star Trek star George Takei lead the men in a task that required them to create a living window display for Ivanka Trump’s clothing and jewelry line.  George Takei was very passive in his leadership of the men and Ivanka was not very impressed with the display that was put together.  Like the honorable starship captain, Takei went down with the ship, falling on his own sword in the boardroom (much like Lou Ferrigno did last week in the Medieval Times challenge last week).

For the women it was a pretty drama free week.  Led by Miss Universe, Dayana Mendoza, the women were able to put together a display that left Ivanka very impressed.  Even when their photos did not end up arriving in time for the challenge, Aubrey O’Day came up with a new plan that was able to deliver a victory for the women.

Rob discusses many of the finer points about Celebrity Apprentice with Randy including some of the pitfalls of having a challenge solely decided by the members of the Trump family and what are potential ramifications of their decision.  Plus, why didn’t Ivanka donate an additional $20,000 to the winner’s charity as is normally customary for the sponsor of the challenge on Celebrity Apprentice.

Rob and Randy discuss all of the happenings on Celebrity Apprentice and discuss the overall state of reality television in 2012.  Plus, we try to figure out exactly what is going on with Donald Trump’s assistant / key cog of Ivanka’s fashion line, Amanda on a Celebrity Apprentice edition of Rob Has a Podcast.

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