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Suite Nothings: Matt Hoffman on the Latest Celebrity Apprentice

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Listen to the Podcast:

On this week’s episode of the Celebrity Apprentice, Marilu Henner was the latest celebrity to get fired after failing to create an effective King’s Suite in the Foxwoods task on Celebrity Apprentice. Rob Cesternino is joined by Matt Hoffman (@HeadOfHoffHold) from Big Brother 12 to discuss this week’s episode.

Rob and Matt started by discussing Marilu Henner’s effort to create the King Suite which included people playing Chess, a royal massage therapist and a gigantic mirror for the King to look at himself in. Rob did think it was unfair for Marilu to have been expected to know that Lil’ Jon was the “King of Crunk”. Rob and Matt also discuss why Trace Adkins seemed to have been in such a grumpy mood lately and if he’s checked out of the game.

Turning to “Plan B”, Rob and Matt were impressed with the job that Penn Jillette did once again this week. Rob was thrilled to have Lisa Lampanelli back on the show this year, though Matt wanted to know why she had to go and pick on poor Susan Boyle. Rob thinks that Penn is single handedly carrying Lisa Rinna through this competition.

Previewing next week’s episode, Rob and Matt agree that Lisa Rinna will definitely be fired and that Trace could very well be fired too. Rob and Matt believe that Penn and Lil Jon will be the final two, but Matt favors Lil Jon to win more than Rob does.

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