The Celebrity Apprentice

Sizing Up Penn vs. Trace in the Celebrity Apprentice Final Two

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Rob Cesternino is joined by Ryan Pappolla to part one of a Celebrity Apprentice finale.  The episode started out with the final four players in Penn Jillette, Trace Adkins, Lisa Rinna and Lil Jon.  This time around Donald Trump decided to fire two of the final four without any outside consultation.  Rob and Ryan break down just how rigged it felt to have let go of Lisa and Lil Jon in the way that it was done.

After it’s revealed that Penn and Trace are the final two, Trump brings out the rest of the players that will help out in the finale.  Penn is joined by Latoya Jackson, Dennis Rodmana and Lisa Rinna.  Trace Adkins ends up with Lil Jon, Marilu Henner and Gary Busey on his team.  The two teams will need to develop an ice cream flavor that it going to be sold in Walgreen’s stores.

Rob and Ryan discuss the ice cream flavors that the teams are working on and which is superior.  Plus, the guys debate whether or not THIS was actually Gary Busey’s finest hour as he seemed to be the perfect guy to eat ice cream and dance like a crazy man.  Finally, Rob and Ryan make their picks for the winner of Celebrity Apprentice.

Join us next Sunday for the podcast covering the 2nd Half of the Celebrity Apprentice finale.

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