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Round 382 of Dayana Mendoza vs. Lisa Lampanelli on Celebrity Apprentice

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After making Celebrity Apprentice history by going to the boardroom more that any other player in the show’s history, Dayana Mendoza was finally fired this week by Donald Trump. Celebrity Apprentice blogger for Rob Has a Website, Jordan Kalish, joins Rob to discuss everything from this episode where the teams designed jingles for Good Sam.

Rob started off by asking Jordan whether or not he thought that Dayana deserved to be fired. While Jordan thought she definitely should have, Rob played the Devil’s Advocate by saying that in actuality, Dayana really had nothing to do with the things that the executives did not like. She really had no part in creating the jingle that Clay Aiken and Lisa Lampanelli worked to create which the executives didn’t like.

After discussing who had the better fight with Dayana this week (Clay or Lisa) Rob and Jordan try to figure out where the Lisa vs. Dayana feud ranks in the all-time greatest rivalries in the history of Celebrity Apprentice. Rob and Jordan also try to figure out what is coming in the next few weeks of Celebrity Apprentice. With three episodes left, the guys discuss why John Rich and Marlee Matlin are showing up next week. Rob and Jordan also go through the remaining players in the game to try to figure out which players have the best chance to win. Rob and Jordan try to predict what order the remaining players will be fired over the last three episodes.

Rob asks Jordan about the game that Aubrey O’Day is playing this season. Jordan thinks very highly of Aubrey’s strategy and thinks she has a great chance to make the final two this season. Jordan also says that by winning this week’s competition, this marks the second time that Clay Aiken has lost in a reality singing competition.

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