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Big Brother’s Adam Poch on This Week’s Super Size Celebrity Apprentice

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Adam Poch made it to the top 3 on Big Brother 13 and now he joins Rob Cesternino to talk about the latest 3-hour edition of Celebrity Apprentice.

In the first task the teams were responsible for coming up with a guide for New York City. Teresa Guidice was the project manager for the women while Dee Snider was the project manager for the men. The women had plenty of conflict this week as Lisa Lampanelli and Dayana Mendoza battled once again. Donald Trump even dragged Regis Philbin out of mothballs to judge which team had the best design. It turned out to be one of the closest competitions in the history of the Celebrity Apprentice as the women lost by just $14.

Teresa ending up choosing to bring Debbie Gibson and Dayana Mendoza to the boardroom with her, despite the fact that Aubrey O’Day raised the least amount of money. Trump ultimately decided to fired Debbie Gibson since she did raise a lot of money and frankly, she wasn’t bringing too much drama.

In the second half of the episode, Donald Trump decided to shuffle the teams sending Aubrey O’Day and Teresa Guidice to the men’s team while sending Penn Jillette, Lou Ferrigno and Dee Snider to join Lisa Lampanelli and Dayana. Immediately, Arsenio Hall was not happy about having Aubrey O’Day on his team.

All through the episode, Aubrey got on Arsenio’s nerves until things just exploded in the boardroom. Arsenio called Aubrey a “me first” player and not a “team first” player. Arsenio even claimed that he found pictures on Google of Aubrey O’Day naked with a gut. Somehow, despite all of the dysfunction, Arsenio and Aubrey were on the winning team this week. After leaving the boardroom Aubrey went off on her own and potentially quit the game.

Meanwhile back in the board room, Lou Ferrigno decided to take Dayana and Twisted Sister front man Dee Snider back to the boardroom. The three spent sometime talking to Donald Trump’s secretary Amanda before returning to the boardroom. Somehow, Lou escaped firing once again as Trump blamed Dee Snider for creating the cube that the Walgreen’s people didn’t like.

We’ll talk to Adam about everything from this weeks show, plus discuss the upcoming Reality Rally and all of Adam’s experiences in the Big Brother house, including meeting Tori Spelling. Plus, we’ll hear what Adam thinks about former housemates Brendan Villegas and Rachel Reilly on the Amazing Race.

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