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Did the Right Man Win the Celebrity Apprentice?

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All season long, 18 celebrities vied to become the next Celebrity Apprentice and finally it came down to the final two: Arsenio Hall and Clay Aiken. Sunday Night, Donald Trump selected Arsenio to be the winner and Rob Cesternino is back to break it all down with Celebrity Apprentice Blogger, Jordan Kalish.

The finale kicked off with Arsenio Hall and Clay Aiken battling in the final task. Arsenio was awaiting some footage that Adam Carolla’s podcast crew had filmed of Magic Johnson. Finally, the missing footage arrived and Arsenio dodged a bullet. Meanwhile, Clay was able to resolve the fight with Debbie Gibson over the mural for his presentation. Both teams put on their charity events which featured Clay and his team members singing and Arsenio and his team members doing comedy.

Rob starts off the podcast by asking if the right person won Celebrity Apprentice. Rob thinks that Clay probably played the better game over the course of the season and raised more money in the final task than Arsenio did. However, as Rob realized last week, it seemed like Trump really had his heart set on Arsenio becoming the winner this season. For the second time, Clay becomes the first runner up on a reality television competition. Though they competed against each other in the final two, Arsenio and Clay also sang a very awkward version of Lean on Me.

The entire cast (minus Michael Andretti and Cheryl Tiegs) were reunited at the finale, though Tia Carrere and Victoria Gotti had some harsh words for Aubrey O’Day. Aubrey also had some harsh words for Arsenio and did not think he should win. Lou Ferrigno also was back to give 110% one last time and to present Mr. Trump with a check that Lou had raised for his charity.

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