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Simply ‘Amazing’: Recapping the Celeb Apprentice & Amazing Race

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With Rob travelling to New York this week for Reality Gamemasters, we’ve posted both of our Sunday Night Reality TV shows in one podcast.

The Celebrity Apprentice

Rob welcomes Adam Spiegelman (@ProudlyResents) from to break down the latest episode of Celebrity Apprentice.  The teams worked on a silent film commercial for “Australian Gold” sun tan products.  Gary Busey took his turn as Project Manager and Rob was rather impressed with the job that he did, even though he actually didn’t do that much.  The decision on who would be fired was left between Gary Busey and Stephen Baldwin – with all of America breathing a collective sigh of relief when it was Stephen Baldwin who was fired.  Rob and Adam agreed that it was pretty arbitrary that the Trumps fired Stephen for saying Gary was an “Amazing” project manager this week before trying to spin that he wasn’t.

Both of the teams had several bizarre elements in their commercials.  Rob thought that Busey’s team might have been better served by getting models instead of using Lisa Rinna in a bikini.  Rob asks Adam if he thinks that Cavemen and “peekers” are nearly as funny as Trace Atkins thinks they are.  Adam thought that Trace’s chair breaking was severely underplayed on this week’s episode as well.  Rob and Adam also try to figure out how exactly Trace’s caveman was able to travel in time, but only up to 1986.

Now that we’re down to only 7 players, Rob and Adam then try to handicap the rest of the field as to who will win the show.

The Amazing Race (1:02:20)

Rob welcomes back Eric Curto (@RealityRecaps) to the podcast to discuss this week’s episode of The Amazing Race.  This week the teams traveled to Zurich, Switzerland for everybody’s favorite – the cold weather leg of the race.  On this leg of the race the teams would transport a St. Bernard up a mountain, rescue a gnome from a ledge and eventually sled 50 pound wheels of cheese down a snowy hill.

With Chuck and Wynona going out of the Race on this leg, Rob asks Eric whom he felt worse for at this point, Chuck or Wynona?  Eric says that he had more sympathy for Chuck because Wynona had been so useless but Rob started to feel worse for Wynona this week after Chuck kept yelling at her.  Rob and Eric discussed the 30-minute penalty as well and how the producers of Amazing Race decide on a time penalty.  Rob also felt like this week’s adventure with the wheels of cheese was far less interesting that the last time such wheels of cheese were used on the race.

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