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Previewing the Celebrity Apprentice All-Stars with Dalton Ross

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One of the greatest minds covering television, Dalton Ross from Entertainment Weekly, joins Rob Cesternino to discuss the all-new cast of the upcoming Celebrity Apprentice All-Stars. Rob and Dalton go through the cast which will be competing this spring for the very coveted title of Celebrity Apprentice.

The Celebrity Apprentice All-Stars:

Trace Adkins – The runner up from the original Celebrity Apprentice returns, though neither Dalton or Rob are particularly thrilled to see him again.

Stephen Baldwin – Veteran of many a celebrity reality tv show, Stephen Baldwin returns after an appearance on the first season of the show. Dalton fondly recalls Stephen Baldwin’s stints on the Celebrity Mole and applauds his work of getting Alec Baldwin to appear on the Apprentice in his first season.

Gary Busey – Rob and Dalton agree that they will not have to burn down the NBC Headquarters or the Trump Towers as the most entertaining Celebrity Apprentice contestant of all time is back.

Penn Jillette – Rob is surprised to see Penn return because he didn’t think Penn liked being on the Celebrity Apprentice. Dalton thinks Penn is a real sleeper to win the All-Star season.

Lil Jon – Dalton is more excited than Rob is to see rapper Lil Jon return to the show. Rob doesn’t think Lil Jon was that memorable on Celebrity Apprentice 4, but Dalton doesn’t hate the pick.

Dennis Rodman – Another surprising choice considering that Dennis Rodman actually walked out on the competition in Celebrity Apprentice 2. Perhaps back to seek redemption, Dennis doesn’t bring much to the table but is an asset to his teams because he is so recognizable.

Dee Snider – The creator of the hit song for 7-up Retro (keepin’ it realllllllll) returns though both Dalton and Rob were not too thrilled with Dee’s first appearance on the show in Celebrity Apprentice 5.

Marilu Henner – The former Taxi star was on the first season of Celebrity Apprentice but neither Dalton or Rob can remember anything Marilu Henner did that was memorable on the show (Though Marilu Henner could probably remember everything that happened since she has a super human memory).

LaToya Jackson – While not a contributor in any way, the Trump favorite from Celebrity Apprentice 4 returns to the show. Donald Trump’s blatant favoritism of LaToya is always sure to upset her teammates. Rob and Dalton approve.

Claudia Jordan – The biggest WTF selection of the cast. Dalton and Rob are hard pressed to even remember that she was on Celebrity Apprentice 2. It turns out that she is a girl from “Deal or No Deal” which we don’t even understand how that classifies her as a Celebrity, let alone a Celebrity Apprentice All-star.

Brande Roderick – Another head scratcher. Brande actually has a Celebrity Apprentice 2 final four appearance under her belt, but she was far more memorable as being the silent alliance mate of Annie Duke than anything she did.

Omarosa – The star of the original Apprentice returns after a stint on Celebrity Apprentice. Dalton is not excited to see her back but Rob believes there may be room for some personal growth after the recent death of her husband, “Green Mile” star Michael Clarke Duncan.

Lisa Rinna – Rob and Dalton actually like this one, even though Lisa was kicked off the Celebrity Apprentice 4 after only two episodes. Lisa could stir up a lot of drama.

Bret Michaels – The winner of Celebrity Apprentice 3 is returning as a player. Rob and Dalton are excited to have him back but really can’t understand why he’s playing while the other winners of the game are going to be appearing as consultants to Donald Trump.


Rob and Dalton go through the list of snubs from the All-star Celebrity Apprentice.  On the list is the aforementioned Clint Black, Annie Duke from Celebrity Apprentice 2, Gene Simmons with his amazing slogan for Kodak “It’s a Kodak world”, Cyndi Lauper and “the face” or course, Rod Blagojevich.  Lastly, Dalton is outraged to not have season 5 standout Aubrey O’Day back on the show and Rob agrees.

Survivor Philippines

Rob and Dalton wrap up the show by Dalton Ross giving his thoughts about the latest season of Survivor.  Dalton was in the Philippines to begin the season and discusses some of the players like Sarah Dawson who impressed him in pre-game interviews.

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