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Omarosa Takes on Latoya Jackson on Celebrity Apprentice

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After a wild night of fighting between Latoya Jackson and Omarosa on Celebrity Apprentice, Rob Cesternino welcomes David Nussbaum aka Nuzzy (@TheNuzzy) from the Decently Funny podcast.

After introducing Nuzzy, Rob begins setting the stage for the Omarosa vs. Latoya fighting that took place.  As project manager, Latoya started working on the team’s project but Omarosa wanted to go shopping with Brande Roderick.  Latoya tried to put her foot down but Omarosa pissed when Latoya told her to “be quiet”.  Then Omarosa started talking over Latoya which caused Latoya to put her hand on her hip and then Omarosa followed suit by putting her hand on her hip (all while Lil Jon narrated).

Later, Omarosa went missing to deal with the news that a tabloid was planning on airing the tapes of Omarosa calling 911 after her fiance Michael Clarke Duncan had suffered a heart attack.  Power was forced to perform the Crystal light task without Omarosa, but seemed to not be too much worse for the wear.  However, when Power lost the task, Latoya tried blaming the loss on Omarosa.  After getting a lot of fight from Omarosa, Latoya chose not to bring Omarosa to the board room – instead bringing back Dennis Rodman and Brande.  Puzzled by Latoya’s decision, Trump fired Latoya Jackson, making her the first player ever fired three times from the Apprentice.

For Plan B, things went much smoother with the exception of Stephen Baldwin becoming a tyrant to the team.  Rob and Nuzzy discuss what they though of how Susan Lucci looked in her performance this week for Plan B.  Plus, the guys discuss why everybody is picking on Gary Busey all the time on The All-Star Celebrity Apprentice.

Plus, we’ll answer your questions and discuss much, much more on a supersized edition of The Celebrity Apprentice podcast.

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