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Recapping the All-Star Celebrity Apprentice Dee-saster

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On the latest episode of the All-Star Celebrity Apprentice the teams were instructed to come up with a 3D display that would be shown at the Universal Studios theme park in Orlando, Florida.  To discuss the latest Celebrity Apprentice offering, Rob is joined by comedian Adam Spiegelman (@ProudlyResents), host of the podcast PROUDLY RESENTS.

Dee Snider was selected as the project manager for Plan B while Omarosa took the lead for “Power”.  Rob thought it was unusual that Dee vacationed at Universal Studios between 50-100 times, but we’ll go with it.  The guys began by talking about Dee’s horrible idea which was just cutouts of the members of the team for the tourists to take a picture with.  Perhaps the least creative idea ever had on the celebrity apprentice, Rob wonders if Dee was a worthy member of the All-Star season of Celebrity Apprentice.

On the other side of the task, Omarosa earned high marks from both Rob and Adam.  She rode her team hard and ruffled feathers, but won this task going away.  Both Rob and Adam were impressed with the work Lil Jon, who is emerging as a threat to win the game (and has a cool laptop too).

Adam would share a story about a real life encounter with Omarosa while he was producing at the Jimmy Kimmel show.  Rob and Adam also discuss why nobody seems to have any sympathy for Omarosa who is playing “Celebrity Apprentice” so close to the death of her fiance, Michael Clarke Duncan.

So much more craziness to discuss including Gary Busey deciding to tickle (or molest) all of the people at the park, Marilu Henner telling everybody what day of the week they were born on and Stephen Baldwin’s creepy whispering to Dee.  Plus, we get in to all of the Trump fakeouts in the boardroom this week on The Celebrity Apprentice podcast.

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