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A Celebrity Apprentice That Was Like Being Hit By a Buick

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It was a shocking double firing on this week’s episode of Celebrity Apprentice as Donald Trump fired Adam Carolla and Micheal Andretti. Rob Cesternino is joined by friend longtime Celebrity Apprentice expert Ryan Pappolla to discuss everything from this week’s show.

The biggest moment of this week’s show came in the opening minutes when the teams were assigned with the task of picking this week’s project managers. The teams had to perform a 20-minute presentation about the Buick Verano. It looked as though NASCAR¬†INDYCAR legend Michael Andretti would be the perfect fit for project manager, but he deferred the opportunity to Adam Carolla. Taping the podcast only minutes after the double firings of Michael Andretti and Adam Carolla, Rob tries to figure out why Adam Carolla got fired on Celebrity Apprentice.

Rob suspects that the Buick executives were very unhappy with only getting a limited endorsement of the car from a member of the Andretti family. The Trumps were out for blood but Adam Carolla would not choose two people to bring back with him to the board room. Under normal circumstances, Rob thinks that Donald Trump would have just fired Adam and called it a night but the fact that Donald fired Micheal too speaks to how badly they wanted him gone.

We also try to figure out what Lou Ferrigno has done to put himself in Donald Trump’s good graces. Rob thinks that Donald Trump’s treatment of Lou Ferrigno is very reminiscent of the way Donald treated LaToya Jackson last season, even though the women all said she inept and was “Casper the Ghost”-like.

Also discussed is what, if anything, could have possibly been liked by the Buick exectuives about Debbie Gibson’s presentation, how are the alliances broken up on the women’s team, what will happen next week when Lou Ferrigno is the project manager and why is Donald Trump taking shots at Alex Rodriquez.

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