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After Sunday night’s premiere of the Celebrity Apprentice Rob Cesternino and Nicole are back to work with an all new podcast. First off, Rob and Nicole discuss this season’s cast – which Rob worries may not be as crazy as some of the past casts of the show. Rob and Nicole single out a few which could create some real drama starting with former Danity Kane performer, Aubrey O’Day and including Victoria Gotti, Teresa Giudice and even Debbie Gibson.

Nicole on stage with Wyclef Jean

Nicole, just seconds before she interrupts a Wyclef Jean concert in 2005.

In the first episode neither Rob nor Nicole were disappointed to see former super model Cheryl Tiegs go home in the first episode. While she didn’t appear to be that sharp, she was just far too nice to make any good Apprentice Fights.

Rob and Nicole were also both surprised to hear that the men had won the challenge when it had seemed as though the women, led by Patricia Velasquez, had been raising more money throughout the show. In the end, it turned out that the donor that Paul Teutul, Sr. kept promising ended up delivering – though we still have no idea who that person could have been. Rob and Nicole also stated in the battle between Paul and former Star Trek star, George Takei, the podcast hosts are firmly on Team Takei (“Oh my!”).

There is also an in-depth discussion of how to play the game of “Celebrity Apprentice”. Should the contestants not hit their big donors until they are the project manager or should they hit them up whenever it is called for? Plus, should the losing teams be forced to give their money over to the winning teams charity?

Rob and Nicole also try to figure out which Andretti is actually on the show this season and which Andretti was just filling in. Plus, an appearance by former Fugees front man, Wyclef Jean, prompts Rob and Nicole to discuss a memory of a very crazy moment in the life of Nicole Cesternino.

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