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Reality Emmys, Carmageddon, Parvati’s Trip & More

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Rob Cesternino and Nicole are back with the latest edition of the Friggin 5 including but not limited to the following topics:

[03:50] #1. Reality TV News – The Rob Has a Podcast Top 20 Survivor Polls, The Reality TV Shows nominated for emmys, What is happening with Jessica Sugar Kiper on Celebrity Rehab, The Return of Boston Rob Mariano and an update on Richard Hatch in prison.

[14:20] #2. Nicole updates us on Parvati Shallow’s adventures on Around the World For Free 3 and her run ins with several listeners from Rob has a Podcast.

[20:20] #3. Carmaggedon Update – Rob and Nicole break down the Carmaggedon weekend in Los Angeles and how the construction on the 405 was really just all hype.

[24:16] #4. Weiner News – An update on the story of the woman who cut off her husbands penis and put it in the garbage disposal and what is being done to help out this man.

[30:40] #5. Your Comments – Rob and Nicole have a new song for the podcast, there’s a contest to join a new Rob Has a Podcast Fantasy Football league, Talk of a Seinfeld podcast, Summer TV shows including Love in the Wild and True Blood, How much longer will survivor last, Nicole’s thought’s on game theory, Google Plus, Horrible Bosses and much more.

It’s a Friggin 5 podcast that’s worthy of a reality emmy… it’s Rob Has a Podcast


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