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How Did Bruno Mars Do Hosting SNL?

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This week Bruno Mars hosted an all new episode of Saturday Night Live finishing a run of 3 new episodes of the show. At the end of each run of new episodes, Rob Cesternino and Rich Tackenberg like to get together to break down what worked and what didn’t from the shows.

This week the show opened with SNL discussing this week’s Presidential debate at Hofstra University. The big surprise in the sketch was when Tom Hanks showed up to ask a question of Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. Rob and Rich both thought that the sketch was okay but didn’t do anything to change up the political discourse. Rob and Rich also discussed the political season as a whole for SNL and how they had not had any signature moments, unlike last year when Tina Fey playing Sarah Palin was so iconic toward the election.

Rich really liked the song that Bruno Mars sang in his monologue while Rob has grown weary of musical monologues. Also, the Brad Pitt parody from Taran Killam didn’t really resonate with Rob or Rich because they never see any commercials on television. Rob said that he might be a hater because he did not care for the “Haters” sketch which put both Bobby Moynihan and Bruno Mars into drag. Since Rich is a big fan of listening to Bruno Mars on Pandora, he really enjoyed the sketch where Bruno Mars was an intern at Pandora. Rob thought the sketch was more fun than funny because it basically was Bruno Mars doing karaoke. Rob and Rich both though that the sketch “Sad Mouse” was an interesting short film on the show and much different than what we’re used to from Andy Sandberg in the past.

The highlight of Weekend Update of course was Bill Heder reprising the character of Stefan who revealed the definition of a Slimer. Plus Rob and Rich reviewed the epiosdes of Saturday Night Live hosted by Christina Applegate and Daniel Craig

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