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LIVE Breaking Bad Season 5 Episode 14 Recap: Ozymandias

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Rob Cesternino and Antonio Mazzaro recap Breaking Bad Season 5 Episode 14, “Ozymandias” and answer your questions about the episode.

Scroll down to read the description of this episode which includes major spoilers from this episode

On this episode Rob and Antonio discuss:

  • What was the meaning of the Flashback that opened the episode from the first “cook” that Walter and Jesse worked together on?
  • Did it look like there was a point where Hank was going to make it?
  • Did it seem plausible that Uncle Jack would let Walter live AND give him one of the barrels?
  • Does it seem like the Neo-nazis did a pretty half-ass job looking for Jesse Pinkman after the shootout?
  • How does Jesse react to Walter White telling him that he watched Jane die of an overdose?
  • How come Walter White never removes his jacket while walking through the New Mexico desert?
  • Why was Marie say adamant about Walter Jr. knowing what was going on with Walt?
  • How did the neo-nazis have  a track set up in their Meth Lab to attach Jesse Pinkman to?
  • Had Skyler not already told Walter Jr. about Walt’s business, would Skyler have gone off with Walt when he came home with the $11 million.
  • Why did Walt want Baby Holly anyway?
  • What was the purpose of Walt’s phone call to Skyler?  Did Walt really know that the police were already there?
  • Where is Walt headed now?  What are the things that Walt says he needs to take care of.

It’s going to be a wild next two weeks, be sure to join us next Sunday night for the penultimate episode and then on Sunday, 9/29 for the series finale of  “Breaking Bad”.

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