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Breaking Bad Season 5 Episode 12 Recap: Rabid Dog

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LIVE at 10 pm ET, Rob Cesternino recaps Breaking Bad Season 5 Episode 12 with Antonio Mazzaro (@ACmazzaro). On tonights episode Rob and Antonio discuss the following points from the latest episode of Breaking Bad:

  • What did Jessie mean when he told Hank that he wanted to get Walter White where he REALLY lived?
  • Is Walt’s overconfidence that he can handle Jessie Pinkman going to be his undoing in the series?
  • Did Jessie make a mistake by not going to speak with Walt in the plaza?
  • How badly did Walt do with his lie about spilling the gasoline on the carpet in his house?
  • Should Badger have a science fiction podcast of his own sometime soon?
  • Just how culpable is Skyler White in all of Walt’s business dealings?
  • What is the difference between Skyler and Carmella Soprano?
  • Will this be the last time we see Marie’s therapist?
  • Is Marie talking about poison just going to be a “purple herring”?
  • Does Jesse Pinkman have a thing for hanging out with middle-aged bald guys all the time?
  • Why does Rob think the producers are telling us that the series will NOT end with Walt dying from the lung cancer?
  • Is the tape that Jesse makes with Hank something that will be admissible in court?
  • What did Hank say to Gomez to get him to be a part of this operation to record Jesse Pinkman’s confession?
  • What will happen once Walter gets Todd and his uncle involved with killing Jesse?  What does Rob think the payment will be for this request.

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