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Rob Cesternino and Eric Stein have reunited once again following their triumphant debut together in the infamous Saved By the Bell Podcast.  Now Rob and Eric are back to talk about one of their favorite films, Billy Madison.  On this podcast we will discuss:

– Why is Billy Madison such an important film in the history of Hollywood and the career of Adam Sandler?

– What were the inner political workings of the Madison Hotel company?

– Was Veronica Vaughn nothing but a gold digger after Billy’s money?

– What sort of home did the O’Doyle family grow up in?

– Why was there so much sexual tension between Billy & Juanita?

– Which is truly better, Shampoo or Conditioner?

– Which of the Billy Madison cast members have gone on to bigger and better things and which are out of the industry?

– Was the penguin real or just a figment of Billy’s imagination?

– Who would be cast in an all reality TV version of Billy Madison?

It’s a Billy Madison podcast that’s just too damn hot for a penguin… it’s Rob has a Billy Madison podcast.


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