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“Bikini Barbershop: Jersey” is a new show on HDnet and has quickly become a favorite of Rob Cesternino and Nicole. The stars of Bikini Barbershop: Jersey, Jeff Wulkan, Ariana Cobert and Alissa Koller, join Rob and Nicole for a special live spreecast on Saturday night, 10 pm ET / 7 pm PT.

The show stars Jeff Wulkan who owns a salon where beautiful women in bikinis provide haircuts at the Bikini Barbershop. The show follows the lives of Jeff and the women who work for him. The drama unfolds every week as Jeff battles against his staff who all seem to hate him.

It’s one of the wildest shows in the history of “Rob has a Web Show” as Jeff gives his insight into all sorts of issues and antagonizes his employees… just like every episode of Bikini Barbershop: Jersey.

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