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Big Brother UK 2015 | Week 5 RHAP-up

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Pretend you’re in your very own Timebomb Bunker, and eavesdrop on Curt Clark (@curtclark) and Mark Celera (@DawnsBread) for their RHAP-Up of Week 5 in the Big Brother UK house!  This week, Curt and Mark discuss a range of topics, including:
  • Friday’s fake eviction of latecomer Marc…and its inevitability
  • Their take on each of the new “legends,” from Brian (who is a newcomer to both Mark and Curt), to Helen (BOOOOO!) to the awesomeness that is Nikki Grahame
  • The week-long feud between Marc and Harry…and Harry’s changing perception in the house
  • Jack and Simon: Night Ninjas!
  • Likely targets of Marc and the Legends, given that they are responsible for nominations this week
Join us again next week for our Week 6 coverage of BBUK on Reality TV RHAP-Ups!
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