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Big Brother UK 2015 | Week 3 RHAP-up

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It’s SHOWBIZ!!!  Join Curt Clark (@curtclark) and Mark Celera (@DawnsBread) for their Week 3 coverage of Big Brother UK on Reality TV RHAP-Ups.  This week saw a ton of shake-ups, with six people leaving (well, five housemates) and four new housemates coming in.  Mark and Curt break it all down, including:
  • Their overall thoughts on the #4out4in twist and whether it was likely premeditated…or if it was made up on-the-fly
  • A blow-by-blow analysis of each evicted housemate, and who Curt and Mark each wanted to stay…and who they weren’t surprised to see leave
  • Their first impressions of the three new housemates (Harry, Marc and Sam)…and their second impressions of Simon
  • Aaron’s removal from the house and the events that led up to it
  • The various tasks of the week, including the housemates inability to shut their traps when Big Brother asks for silence…and Eileen’s unique tongue technique
Thanks for listening and stay tuned for Week 4 coverage!

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