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Big Brother UK 2015 | Week 2 RHAP-up

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Two weeks down in the Big Brother UK house, and the drama has finally started to pick up!  Join Curt Clark (@curtclark) and Mark Celera (@DawnsBread) as they #RHAP-Up all the happenings in Week 2 of Big Brother UK, up through Friday’s Live Eviction (and events immediately after).  Topics discussed include:
  • The eviction of Adjoa, and the path that led her to be voted out of the house
  • The process of face-to-face nominations, and Jack’s decision to give immunity to Cristian
  • The awesomeness of the “Pitch Black Bathtub” challenge, the treachery of She Who Shall Not Be Named, and the overall fallout of the loss of the Shopping Challenge
  • The rise and fall (and rise?) of Jack as a potential winner
  • Jade’s week of luxury and its impact, to date, on the house
  • The dramatic explosion of the Debate Challenge, and the public truths exposed during the Popularity Poll
  • The housemates Mark and Curt think may be the next to chat with Emma
  • Your listener questions!
Stay tuned on Twitter throughout the week for Curt’s and Mark’s thoughts on the daily episodes and stay tuned next weekend for Week 3’s #RHAP-Up!

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