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Big Brother UK 2015 | Week 1 RHAP-up

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Clark (@CurtClark) and Mark Celera (@DawnsBread) may not be able to spell “canoe,” but they CAN break down everything going on in the Big Brother UK house now that Week 1 has come to its conclusion.  In this episode of Reality TV RHAP-Ups, Mark and Curt discuss:

  • The potential fallout from the second Timebomb in the BBUK house, and what they thought of Jack McDermott’s decision to say no to a new BMW…and yes to keeping the winner’s prize money intact
  • Their reaction to Danny Wisker and Harriet Jackson being selected to stand alongside Jack during Friday’s Timebomb…and Harriet’s reaction to the news
  • Nick’s first face-to-face nominations…and the potential impact it might have on other players
  • The “Boys vs. Girls” task, Eileen Daly’s pornographic past, and the drama caused by Cristian MJC’s reaction to Sarah Greenwood’s responses
  • The inevitable “balloon task” that Jade-Martina Lynch had to face, and Sarah’s banana consumption
  • How their perception of certain housemates has changed since Launch Night coverage
  • Who is likely in danger during next Friday’s live show
  • What it would take to get Curt to twerk on camera
All this and more are discussed during this week’s BBUK coverage on Reality TV RHAP-Ups!
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