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Big Brother UK 2015 FINALE | Week 10 RHAP-up

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It’s finale week on Big Brother UK…and we finally have our Big Brother winner!  Join Curt Clark (@curtclark) and Mark Celera (@DawnsBread) as they RHAP-Up this last week of BBUK and discuss Chloe’s journey through the chaos of BBUK Timebomb, as well as all the other happenings of finale week, including:
  • A blow-by-blow analysis of tonight’s results, from Chloe’s first place win through Cristian’s sixth place finish
  • Discussion of the overall series, including the impact of the various Timebombs and the visiting “legends”
  • The tasks of finale week, including the mini-Cashbombs and Jack’s taking of the cash prize
  • Mark and Curt’s favorite moments of the series
Thank you all for joining us this summer!  We couldn’t have done it without you, our loyal listeners!
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