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Big Brother UK 2014 – Week 7 RHAP-up

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Join Malory Beazley (@survivor__bitch) and Curt Clark (@curtclark) as they cover the events of Week 7 in the Big Brother UK house in this week’s Reality TV RHAP-Ups!


The week started with young Ashleigh Coyle being picked as the Power Alliance leader by the viewing public, and culminated in Steven Goode’s eviction from the house. Curt and Malory discuss not only these bookends, but everything that happened in between, including:
  • Ashleigh’s decision process of bringing Chris Wright and Mark Byron into the Power Alliance, as well as their nomination selections of Steven, Ash Harrison, Pav Paul and Zoe Birkett.
  • The return of Biannca Lake, Danielle McMahon and Matthew Davies to advise the Power Alliance on who to nominate…with Curt and Malory discussing whether the assessment of Pav and Zoe was actually a fair one.
  • The breaking up of the Power Alliance and Ashleigh going up on the nomination block to replace Ash.
  • Curt and Malory’s shared opinion that Mark’s stock has dropped a fair bit this week, especially when he tried to convince Helen Wood he had little to nothing to do with Steven or Ash’s nomination.
  • Steven’s slow spiral into Britney levels of craziness, kicked off by his unfortunate head-shaving incident (which Curt thinks he wears well, but Malory is still undecided on).
  • The on-going showmance between Mark and Christopher Hall…and Ash and Helen’s decision to take things to the next level
  • The “Bruvstock” challenge…in which The Bitch and the Boys not only pulled out an underdog win, but also where much drama ensued over Mark’s selection of who could share in the reward.
  • The Red vs. Blue “Battle of the Losers,” including Malory’s favorite challenge (which forced Helen to confront negative things she said about her friends in the house) and Curt’s favorite moment (Mark trying to seduce Christopher).
  • The season’s first “nomination discussion violation” (and Steven’s subsequent punishment)…and THE RETURN OF THE NAUGHTY STEP!
  • Steven’s post-show interview performance, the Kimberly Kisselovich interview on Bit on the Side (where she confirms she is not pregnant and is still in love with Steven), and their heartfelt reunion.
So with only three weeks left in Big Brother UK…and nine players left house…join us next week for a further installment of Reality TV RHAP-Ups!
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