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Big Brother UK 2014 – Week 3 RHAP-up

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Join Curt Clark (@CurtClark) and Malory Beazley (@Survivor__Bitch) on Reality TV RHAP-Ups as they talk through the events of Week 3 in the Big Brother UK house, leading up to Friday night’s eviction of Toya A. Washington, the third houseguest to leave the BBUK house.

Big Brother UK Recap Podcast of Third Eviction – Toya Goes Home

Malory and Curt cover this roller-coaster ride of a week through the journey of the Power Couple, Toya and Matthew. They begin by discussing how Toya’s housemates voted for her to be the next power housemate, as well as her selection of Matthew to be her partner for the week…and Toya’s ultimate nomination of Christopher. Malory questions whether Toya’s reasons for nominating Christopher are completely legitimate or fair, while Curt brings up some ways the tense situation could have been defused.

This naturally leads to a conversation about the next phase of the Power Couple’s reign, in which they must select three houseguests whose upcoming nominations will be negated. Curt and Malory try to decipher the rationale that Toya and Matthew used to select their three targets: Steven, Ash and Marlon. Ultimately, when the nominations are revealed, Steven, Ash, Winston, Danielle, Chris, Marlon and Kimberly join Jale and Christopher on the chopping block. However, when is it revealed that Kimberly is actually safe, once the nullified nominations are factored in, fireworks ensue as Toya tells everyone to “Calm the #^@# down.” Malory and Curt pick apart the ensuing fights between Toya and both Ash and Marlon (and, somewhat, Winston), which ultimately results in Toya and Marlon each being asked to take a “time out” in the Diary Room. Neither host thinks that there was much calming down that needed to take place, and spend some time analyzing what actually happened.

Malory and Curt turn to the next big bit of drama this week in the alcohol-fueled “Truth or Dare” feud that occurred between “Finalist” Helen and “Power Couple Member” Matthew. Both Malory and Curt take Matthew’s side on this fight, but express concern and wonder over the continued fracturing of Helen…and question whether she will make it to the end of the show. While Curt can’t think of an instance where Big Brother revoked a pass to the finals as part of the BBUK game, he does point out that houseguests have been evicted before for bad behavior, and that he could see continued rule violations leading to Helen either having her “free pass” taken away or to a penalty nomination.

Toya and Matthew then get to save one of the current nominees (apart from Christoper or Jale), after they get to view their “VTs”/”packages. Although they eventually select to save Steven, Toya is really moved by Danielle’s VT, and Malory points out how Toya begins to act as motivational speaker to some of the “lost” housemates…first Danielle, and then Ashleigh. Once removed, Steven then has to select either Toya or Matthew to take this place on the block…and he ultimately chooses Toya.

When it comes to eviction night, neither Curt nor Malory are surprised that Toya is the one to leave, although both express their opinion on Toya had shifted quite a bit since last week (sometimes shifting several times over the course of the week). Curt shares that he was actually pulling for Toya to stay and was hoping for Marlon to go, as well as his surprise that Ash received more votes to evict than Marlon. Malory thinks this may be due to his close association with Helen, and wonders how Ash getting evicted might have caused her to grow more unstable in the house…while also revealing a rumor she heard of a new housemate who may enter soon and rock Helen’s world (so to speak).

Ultimately, both Curt and Malory are curious how the new Power Twist will come into play, with all the girls safe this week, and all the boys up for nomination. Neither strongly think the women will be able to work together, and Curt wonders if each woman will get to save one guy from the chopping block, ultimately leading to a three-person selection for the next eviction night.

  • Other topics from the episode include:
  • The best way to handle the “Big Brother Breakfast” challenge
  • Jale’s eyebrows
  • The only real impact of the nomination nullification (Kimberly ended up being saved)
  • More of Ash being the “Voice of Reason”
  • One Direction karaoke
  • Krobotic people
  • Danielle’s new-found smoking habit

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