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Big Brother UK 2014 – Finale RHAP-up

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Just over 70 days ago, Curt Clark (@curtclark) and Malory Beazley (@SurvivorBee) began watching Big Brother UK 2014, and now, with Finale Night upon all of us, they reflect this roller coaster ride of a season, with all its ups and downs…and with in-depth coverage of the surprise emergence of Helen Wood being crowned as this season’s winner!

Malory and Curt kick things right off with discussing how Helen may have emerged as the victor.  Curt suggested that it may have been retaliation against the “Irish Vote” from last week, which supposedly got Winston out.  Malory wondered if perhaps the vote was split between Ashleigh and Christopher (who got third place), which allowed Helen supporters to rally behind her.  Neither Curt nor Malory felt that Helen got an overly-positive edit this week, and figured that anyone who was voting for Ashleigh to win going into Finale Week, wasn’t going to suddently change their mind based on any sort of edit.
While both Curt and Malory were rooting for Ashleigh to win in the Final Two, they quickly came to accept Helen’s win for what it was…a crazy bookend to a crazy season.  Curt urged listeners who felt they wasted ten weeks of their life to remember how great a season it was…to take the ending as it stood and to hold close the memorable journey of Big Brother‘s Power Trip.
Other topics covered included:
    • Thoughts on the other Top 6, from being content with Chris’s 5th place finish to being disappointed that Christopher finished in third place
    • The craziness of the “Power Trip,” in which Helen had a fake eviction, and Ash and Christopher evicted Chris (who also did not really leave the house) over Pav
    • Whether or not Ashleigh was being sincere each time she stated she didn’t think she was going to win
    • The job interview challenge, where each houseguest had to fill out a legitimate CV
    • The re-entry of six former houseguests into the house to teach the Final 6 about interview skills, making a memorable exit, and selling products
    • Different episodes and parts of Bit on the Side, including this fun recap of the season
  • Malory and Curt’s favorite moments from the season
  • The upcoming season of Celebrity Big Brother UK, starting on Monday, August 18!
Thank you all for joining us on this amazing season, and hope you can join us as we jump right into Celebrity Big Brother UK!
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