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Big Brother The Usual (Suspects) Spoilers – 09/09/13

Just to start with, I’m going to spoil Big Brother this week as well as a couple of movies, so if you don’t read on I understand. First off, is the movie, The Usual Suspects the biggest movie of all time that you could spoil the ending of and ruin for somebody who’s never seen it? It’s either that ending, or the ending of Teen Wolf, when you don’t know if Michael J Fox is going to play the championship high school basketball game against 36 year old men posing horribly as 17-18 year olds as himself or “the wolf”. First

The movie the Usual Suspects if you’re the one person who hasn’t seen it is about a group of 5 criminals that form a cute little team, like the Goonies one night in jail when there all suspected of a robbery. They end up having to do a job for the mysterious Keyser Soze, who is supposedly the most evil person ever. By the end of the movie we find out that one of the 5 criminals is actually Keyser Soze and the rest of the 5 is killed off during the final job when their looking for One Eyed Willy’streasure (worst summary ever, I know L).  My point is that in the Big Brother game, we are left with a group that isn’t exactly captivating the nation with their charisma and likability. It’s a group that is flawed by how they each have carried themselves during different moments of this season, which has made it hard for the viewers to truly root for any of them with all their hearts. The biggest comparison to the movie and the remaining houseguest is that we don’t know who will end up being the “Keyser Soze” of this group. Just like the movie, there is no clear indication of who’s calling the shots or whose where on the food chain in the house. Like the movie, The exterminators are a group of individually flawed Big Brother players.  The group which was formed two-three weeks ago, was formed more out of desperation of impending doom than anything else. We still don’t know who the Alpha of that group is. The dynamics of the group have not been tested until this week. The message that was being sent Pre-POV was that McCrae was the target. (Spoiler Alert!) McCrae won the POV. So now, what’s going to happen? There is no clear favorite to win the game. Everybody left in the game has a chance or an argument to make to the Jury on why they deserve to win, but the flip side to that is everybody also has a reason why they shouldn’t win. That is why it’s up to the true cunning player left in the game to make their move and give themselves the best chance in the finals. Other than getting Mccrae out, we don’t know what the next move is for the “dirty 4” .

Let’s do are best to find out who is going to reveal themselves as the Keyser Soze of the group.

  • Spencer more than anybody this season has been the king of keeping his cards close to the vest. All season long he has said one thing to somebody in the house but something completely different in the diary room. Spencer to his credit has been great at reading between the lines and seeing what is happening behind closed doors maybe better than anybody else this season. If you’re Spencer who do you want to be sitting with at the end of the game? I think Spencer’s best chance at convincing the Jury to give him the money and only chance is if he is sitting next to Ginamarie, due to the lack of respect I think Ginamarie would get from the Jury. I think Spencer should have put Andy up against Mccrae. Spencer knows what Andy has been up to this whole season. Plus Ginamarie, I see holding a bigger grudge then Andy would in the Jury and so if Ginamarie goes home this week I can see her being more pissed, or more likely to be controlled in the Jury house around her vote then Andy would. Plus Spencer needs to beef up his resume and taking out Andy (since he can’t get Mccrae) would be seen as a major move, or at least a bigger move then getting Ginamarie out. Getting out one of the dudes this week and then securing Ginamarie for next week as an ally or a potential vote if he’s on the block or even a jury vote could be huge for Spencer.
  • Andy to me is the biggest wild card as far as not knowing how the jury will view his game. Especially now that he has revealed himself to Amanda in her goodbye video, which potentially could be a fatal move considering Amanda seems a tad likely to hold a grudge.  It seems to me that everybody left in the game does not know the extent of Andy’s treachery or snake-ish behaviors this season, with the exception of maybe Spencer. Andy as far as the Jury goes, if he makes it to the end could win in a sweep or lose in a unanimous vote I feel. Andy’s best chance in the finals I think would be against Judd, because if the jury is bitter let’s say, I still feel like a highly bitter Amanda and Helen would rather vote for Andy then give it to Judd who already got voted off. I’m probably completely wrong about that, but I just think that Andy is going to get some serious shaming and rage from the Jury. One thing I won’t miss is every time Andy is about to be caught in a lie or something stressful is going to happen to him, his eyes bulge, his body shakes, it looks like this is about to happen to him:

  • Judd has the potential to be the Keyser Soze of the group, if he survives this week. I think Mccrae and Judd will have the best chance of winning the next HOH. Judd has played pretty covert since returning into the house and this week he really needs to do some covert, Navy Seal style missions to get some hate going Andy’s way. Andy wants Judd gone (even though I think that is a mistake), so Judd needs to go on a secret smear campaign against Andy to the rest of the house. Now is the time to play hard and do what you need to do to get to the end of the game. There is no need to play it safe at this point; meaning do what you need to do Judd to stay alive or you might go home this week, because Andy is already working towards getting Spencer and Mccrae to get rid of Judd this week. Does Judd have the game play to get himself out of this predicament? If he does then he will have proven himself a worthy player.
  • Maybe McCrae is the Keyser Soze of the house, like Kevin Spacy was in the movie, as he played the weakVerbal Kint, soft spoken with a limp, until (spoiler alert!) he reveals himself at the end as the evil Keyser Soze. Up until this week, McCrae has been Amanda’s personal, “The Gimp” while she controlled who got to live and who got evicted. .

Maybe now he will reveal himself as a cold blooded player ready to finish the game the way he started it. I think McCrae in the finals will have the least hostile questioning from the jury (Not that he won’t get a little heat but not as bad as everybody else). I think Mccrae against anybody in the finals win’s the game. The problem for Mccrae is getting to the finals. I think he has the best chance to win HOH, which is one way to guarantee he stays. Before that happens though, he needs to spend the rest of this week fostering some trust and allegiance from at least one other player. Mccrae thinks Andy is that person, but we know that is not the case, so he needs Spencer or Ginamarie, which I don’t think is likely. Mccrae needs to take the gloves off and get down and dirty.

  • Ginamarie, maybe she is our Keyser Soze and is really a classically trained theater actress from England playing the role of an American girl from New York. Ginamarie has done way better than I thought she would have done this season. Her days might finally be numbered, but it’s hard to tell because we don’t know who’s truly aligned with whom. I think the Jury is going to be really hard on Ginamarie. Who would be the best person for her to sit against in the finals? Spencer(maybe)Judd(maybe), Andy(If the Jury is very, very, very bitter), McCrae(might get 1 vote against him). It should be pointed out that she made the biggest move in the game in getting out Amanda, so it’s not like she is completely underserving. I know she needed Andy to flip, but she nominated Amanda and McCrae, which took real guts. She should also be commended for bringing back and dusting off the terms “scrubs” and “cockroaches” which have been on a long hiatus from the American vernacular.

So here we are near the end of the game. Who is going to make the final couple of moves to win themselves this game and walk out of the house as the winner while the rest of the jury reflects back and ask how that person did it?

With McCrae winning POV, it has caused the exterminators to address the elephant in the room and start strategizing how as an individual they can get to the finals. Every person left in the house is a Big Brother criminal for a wide variety of crimes; as such we the viewers don’t know who to root for. What we do know is that the biggest day of this season will take place on Thursday, when the next HOH competition is held, because there will be four completely different scenarios on the table and no spoiler or rumor beforehand can predict what will happen, because who will be making it to the ending of this season is still so unclear and Keyser Soze is still in the house and unknown.

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