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Rob Has a Boogiecast: Mike Malin on Big Brother Post-Boogie

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This season on Big Brother, Mike Boogie Malin came back to the house to play as a coach. Boogie was very happy in the coaches role with number one draft pick Frank Eudy at his side. Then, everything changed when the reset button was pushed sending Boogie back into the game as a player. Though Mike would come together with Dan Gheesling, Britney Haynes, Shane and Danielle to form the silent six and evict Janelle Pierzina from the house, Mike would soon follow her out the door.

Two weeks after his eviction, Boogie joins Rob Cesternino to talk about his game and what has happened since. Rob asked Mike about his decision not to want to come back into the game as a player. Mike said that wasn’t something that he was interested in and thinks he had a great chance as a coach.

Rob spoke with Mike about Frank’s eviction from the house this week and Mike said he felt bad for Frank for how it all went down. While Mike said that he thought it was a brilliant way for Dan to get off the block, he wishes that it wouldn’t have played out that way for Frank. Boogie suspected that Dan was going to have a lot of trouble with the jury because Boogie says that Frank will not vote for Dan to win the game as a jury member.

Boogie also gave credit for the move he pulled to get Mike Boogie out of the house but also thinks that Ian has shown a bit of a mean streak the last couple of weeks. Boogie thought that Ian also had a great shot to be America’s fan favorite this year but thinks that ship may have sailed.

Comparing Will Kirby to Dan as to which is the greatest Big Brother player, Boogie sides with Dr. Will saying that Will was able to do everything he did by never winning a competition or a veto while Dan has won more challenges. While some would argue that would make Dan the superior player, this could be a Larry Bird or Magic Johnson type argument for years to come.

Finally, Mike Boogie revealed which player he would like to see win the game this season and tells us whether or not he will watch the rest of the season.

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