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Get the Big Brother LIve Feed FREE for 3 Days from Real Player Superpass - Big Brother 14 Live Feeds Free Trial plus 2 Free Gifts

Get the Big Brother LIve Feed Early Bird Discount from Real Player Superpass - Big Brother 14 Live Feeds for Just $29.99 plus 2 Free Gifts It’s that time of year again!  Now you can follow Big Brother 24 Hours a day with the Big Brother Live Feeds from Superpass.

This year, Real is offering a 3-Day Free Trial of the Big Brother Live Feeds for the entire summer.  Plus when you click the link to sign up from Rob Has a Website, Rob will send you 2 Free Gifts as a way of saying thanks:

  • A personalized signed photo from Rob and Nicole
  • The official RHAP Live Feed BBingo Card – with the chance to win FREE live feeds in 2013 for the first person to win!
Just forward your confirmation from Superpass to BigBrotherFreeGift [at] Gmail [dot] com with your mailing address and whatever you want Rob and Nicole to write on your photo.


The Big Brother Live Feeds from Superpass includes:

  • Uncensored Access to the Big Brother Live Feeds providing 24-hour a day coverage of the Big Brother house
  • Ability to watch the feeds from any mobile device at no extra charge (NEW FOR 2012)
  • DVR Functionality lets you go back and watch any scene from the entire summer
  • Access to Superpass programming from former Big Brother contestants all summer

Big Brother 14 is right around the corner and the only way to see all of the live, uncensored drama from inside the Big Brother House is by signing up for Real Superpass. With access to Superpass you’ll see everything that happens on BB14 from the moment the live feeds are turned on all the way until the final 2 leaves the house and Julie Chen crowns a winner.

The best part is that you can begin a free 14-day trial of Real Superpass and start watching the Big Brother live feeds instantly. It’s the best way to follow the lives of the houseguests in between the airings of Big Brother 14 on CBS. The live feeds have been called the most addictive thing on the internet and with dozens of webcams streaming all summer long, you can always “expect the unexpected”.

With Superpass you can watch up to four different cameras inside of the Big Brother house. You can also use the DVR function to go back and watch any moment of the live feeds from the entire summer.

Superpass also produces a ton of original Big Brother content including live shows and podcasts hosted by the former houseguests plus interviews with Big Brother All-stars like Rachel Reilly, Brendon Villegas, Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd.

Superpass also provides Survivor content as well including a weekly Survivor talk show hosted by John Cochran and Mikayla Wingle from Survivor South Pacific. You can also catch the Amazing Race recap hosted by Kevin from Amazing Race 11.

Plus, if you sign up for Superpass now you will also receive $10 in Free MP3’s to use to purchase music and view the rest of the exciting content available on the network.

So get ready for the ultimate summer long power struggle and Watch Big Brother 14 on SuperPass – see what they can’t show you on TV.