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Big Brother: Lane Socks it to the Brigade

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On this week’s Big Brother, Lane must face a decision of whether he wants to go to the finals with Britney or one of his Brigade mates while Ragan is left on the outside looking in.  Rob Cesternino and Nicole are back for a Big Brother podcast to break down all the drama.  On this week’s show we’ll explore:

– Why have none of the players (specifically Matt) risen to the challenge strategically.  Is there any hope for Ragan left in this game?

– Who does Rob suspect is the voice of Otev the Broadway Clam?

– Was there really money hidden inside the money tree?

– Did Lane and Britney ever hook up?

– What is Annie saying about the Big Brother cast on her twitter page?

It’s a Big Brother podcast more entertaining than a giant clam who sings showtunes.  It’s Rob Has a Podcast

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